Alberta - An Insurance Professional's Regulatory Responsibilities

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In this four part course you will be guided through the regulatory responsibilities expected of an Insurance professional in the province of Alberta. This course looks specifically at the Insurance Council of Alberta, it’s subordinate councils and the rules and regulations that guide them.
Other topics covered include:

Provisions and Elections
Code of Conduct

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Credit Hours: 2

Credit Type: General/Adjuster or Life/A&S

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Detailed Course Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 – Insurance Councils
1. Interpretation
2. Composition of Alberta Insurance Council
3. Composition of Life Insurance Council
4. Composition of General Insurance Council
5. Composition of Adjuster Council
6. Chairs of Council
7. Becoming Ineligible
8. Term
9. Delegation
10. Delegation of Alberta Insurance Council
11. Life, General and Adjuster Councils
12. Inspection of Records

Lesson 2 – Appeals
13. Appeal Board
14. Becoming ineligible
15. Term
16. Notice of appeal
17. Panels
18. Remuneration, fees and expenses
19. Hearing and notice of hearing
20. Evidence – councils decision
21. Written Submissions
22. Procedural fairness
23. Panel orders
24. Disposition of appeal fee
25. Requirements for order
26. Appeal to court
27. Evidence
28. Court orders

Lesson 3 – General Provisions and Elections
29. Eligibility for candidates
30. Nominations
31. Voter eligibility – council elections
32. Voter eligibility – appeal board elections
33. Election process
34. Alternate elected members
35. Repealed AR 104/2006 s13
36. Repeal
37. Expiry
38. Coming into force

Lesson 4 – Code of Conduct Principles
1. Trustworthiness
2. Good Faith
3. Competence
4. Financial Integrity
5. Dealing with Clients
6. Dealing with Insurers
7. Dealing with Agents
8. Dealing with Agents
9. Conduct Specific to Agents acting as insurance adjusters
10.Dealing with the Alberta insurance council
11.Compliance with governing legislation and the code

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