Alberta Auto Essentials

This course is included as part of your ILS General CE and/or Adjuster CE Course Subscription

The Alberta Auto Essentials Course takes you step by step through the major policy forms and applications for automobile insurance in the province of Alberta and even includes the new SPF 9 form.

Topics covered include:

  • SPF 1 – Standard Automobile Policy
  • SPF 4 – Garage Policy
  • SPF 6 – Non Owned Vehicle
  • SPF 9 – the newest form – Transportation Network

Applicable endorsements and application forms are also covered.

Included as part of the ILScorp General Insurance CE Subscription

Included as part of the ILScorp Adjuster CE Subscription

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Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 6 Month(s)

Credit Hours: 4

Credit Type: General/Adjuster

AIC# 43816

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Alberta Auto Essentials Lesson Plan

Lesson 1
• General Introduction to Alberta Automobile Insurance
• Parts of the Automobile Contract
• Forms in Use
o SAF 1 – Standard Application Form
o SPF 1 – Standard Policy Form

Lesson 2
• SAF 4 – Standard Garage Application Form
• SPF 4 – Standard Garage Policy Form

Lesson 3
• SPF 6 – Standard Non-owned Automobile Policy Form (Business Use)
• SPF 9 – Transportation Network Company Policy Form (eg. UBER Drivers)

Lesson 4a
• OPCF 2 – Named Persons Drive Other Automobiles or Rent or Lease Other Automobiles
• OPCF 5 – Permission to Rent of Lease Automobiles and Extending Coverage to the Specified Lessee(s)
• OPCF 5C – Permission to Rent or Lease (unspecified lessees – short term leases only)
• OPCF 16 – Suspension of Coverage
• OPCF 17 – Reinstatement of Coverage

Lesson 4b
• OPCF 20 – Coverage for Transportation Replacement
• OPCF 25A – Alteration
• OPCF 27 – Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles and other Coverages when insured persons drive, rent or lease other Automobiles
• OPCF 27B – Business Operations – Liabilit for Damage to Non-Owned Automobiles in your care, custody or control
• OPCF 28 – Reducing coverage for named persons
• OPCF 28A – Excluded Driver

Lesson 4c
• OPCF 29 – Additional Coverage for named person(s)
• OPCF 38 – Agreed limit for automobile electronic accessories and equipment
• OPCF40 – Fire deductible
• OPCF 43 – Removing depreciation deduction
• OPCF 43A – Removing depreciation deduction for specified lessess(s)
• OPCF 44R – Family Protection Coverage

driving woman seen from the back seat taking a turn on the highway in the evening

Within the Alberta Auto Essentials online course, you can open PDF samples of the SPF forms to better familiarize yourself with the actual forms you’ll being using in the auto insurance industry.

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