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Learning Management Specialist / Developer

Job Summary:

We are looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) professional to help our team oversee and maintain our server infrastructure and proprietary LMS system. This person will develop provided LMS content and create traditional PHP/Java based web services to implement into our global LMS strategy. The Learning Management Specialist shall provide technical best practices and recommendations to programmers and instructional designers for loading content onto the Learning Management Systems and will provide production and development support as a key member of the IT team.

Candidate must be a quick learner and be able to work effectively both independently and in a team environment. Ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, enthusiastic, self-starting team player.



  • Must have experience with PHP, HTML, and/or JavaScript
  • Microsoft SQL or MySQL Database knowledge required
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills, both verbally and in writing
  • Excellent Problem solving skills, analytical and organizational skills and demonstrates close attention to detail


Job Description:

  • Troubleshooting on-line course content and various LMS related issues
  • Upgrade existing applications for efficiency and usability with new modifications
  • Publish new courses and updating existing course content
  • Build / upgrade Web applications according to client needs
  • Design and implement web specific applications/tools for LMS administration
  • Document procedures, technical instructions and business knowledge
  • Troubleshoot WordPress related issues
  • Run custom database queries according to client needs using standard SQL tools
  • Manage Windows Server applications and troubleshoot same
  • Maintain employee email management via Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Troubleshoot any network related issues both internally and externally


Desired Skills:

  • Experience with various programming languages
  • LMS Proficiency
  • Understanding of Software developing life cycles (SDLC)
  • Strong understanding of programming logic/workflow, and data population
  • Experience in data analysis, SQL, and object-oriented programming languages
  • Full Stack, Object-Oriented, API experience, etc., not required but strong plus


Company Description:

ILS Corp is an industry leader in Canada providing internet based insurance training. Building on more than two decades of live insurance training, in 2000, ILS Corp went online with ilscorp.com and became the first independent organization to offer online continuing education and insurance licensing preparation training. In 2007, ILS Corp offered the first insurance education courses in a video-streaming format. Today, ILS Corp continues to be the insurance training course provider of choice for more than 21,000 Canadian insurance professionals.

We are a company built on a deep network of expertise and our IT teams are extremely skilled at creating progressive solutions in an ever changing field of on-line education.

Location:         Comox, BC
Job type:         Part Time / 20 hours – with possible opportunity for future increase in hours

Wage:              TBA – Based on experience

Please email resume and cover letter to careers@ilscorp.com

Paying off your mortgage with life insurance

Paying off your mortgage with life insurance

Michael Baker, MBA
Qube Investment Management

When purchasing a home, a typical insurance product provided by your lender is mortgage life insurance. This insurance will pay the remaining balance of your mortgage should you pass away before fulling paying down your mortgage. By paying off your mortgage with life insurance, you often remove the most significant debt burden a surviving loved one may have.

Many homeowners will purchase the lender’s mortgage life insurance but fail to consider the alternative of buying an equal value term insurance policy. Each type of policy has its benefits, and it is essential to find which is best for your circumstance.

Let’s examine the different benefits between lender mortgage life insurance to term life insurance using a family with a $500,000 home and $400,000 mortgage  insurance need who are amortizing the mortgage over 25 years. Their ages are both 34, and they are in good health.



Lender Insurance: The coverage for mortgage insurance will decrease as you pay down the principal owing to your home. The policy would begin with $400,000 coverage and reduce to 0 over the 25-year amortization period. The reasoning behind this is that the policy is used to pay off your house, so the coverage should reduce with the loan balance.

Term Life Insurance: Over the specified term period for your insurance, the coverage remains constant even as your mortgage loan declines. If the family took out a joint first to die Term 25 policy for $400,000 in coverage, this would remain constant throughout the entire 25-year amortization of their mortgage. If a spouse passed at year 20 with 5 years remaining on the mortgage, they could pay the outstanding balance on their mortgage and keep the difference between the mortgage balance and insurance payout.


Qualifying Terms

Lender Insurance: When applying for the lender insurance, rather than going through individual underwriting to determine premiums, the premiums are assessed at a group level. The premiums are based on the makeup of the group as a whole, and not the homebuyers as individuals. As a result, the premiums are often higher than a healthy individual would pay outside of the group. However, the premiums may be lower than individual term insurance if the homebuyer has a health condition, habit, or activity that would rate up to their policy.

Term Life Insurance: Depending on the age and other health factors, underwriting for term insurance will generally result in lower premiums for the same amount and duration of life insurance. One of the benefits term insurance provides when compared to lender insurance is that homebuyers can shop around for the cheapest premium. The lender with the best mortgage rate may not have the best insurance rate. When buying life insurance, it is important to work with an agent who will compare different providers to find you the lowest premiums for the same coverage.

Portability and Control of Beneficiary 

Lender Insurance: When taking out the insurance to pay off your mortgage, the lender becomes your beneficiary, and your policy is tied to the lender. If you have a 5-year term on your mortgage and choose to move lenders for a lower rate at renewal, you will need to apply for a new policy with your new lender. Even if your new policy is lower in coverage, the premiums may be higher than you paid previously based on the group rates.

Term Life Insurance: The beneficiary is chosen by you, in a joint first to die term policy, the beneficiary is typically the spouse. The policy is tied to the policy owners. If they choose to move or sell the property, they still have the policy. If they move homes and still have the insurance need of $400,000 the rates will remain what they were at age 34 (their attained age), the same coverage at age 39 would be higher.

Final Decision

In most circumstances Term Life insurance will cost the homebuyer less and provides much more flexibility to the policy owners. If deciding to purchase life insurance to cover a mortgage, make sure to know the options and what fits your particular situation.

Qube Investment Management Inc. (QIM) is a registered portfolio management firm (Alberta & British Columbia), offering a combination of value and ethical investment methodologies. QIM has a mission to make investments matter.
Under various registrations and incorporations, Qube has been offering investment advice for over 20 years. Qube is a growing team of professionals offering an alternative to mass-market investment products. Offering a professionally managed and disciplined investment experience with discretionary portfolio management for those seeking alternatives to mutual funds or brokerage wrap accounts. Qube has assisted business owners and executives with life insurance, pension, investment and tax planning ideas since 2000. 

Enjoy Your Easter Holiday Weekend

Enjoy Your Easter Holiday Weekend

Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs?

From Eggplants!


What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

Bugs Bunny!


Happy Easter!

ILScorp offices will be closed on Good Friday ― April 10, 2020.

We’ll be back on Monday, April 13 ready to take your calls and answer your questions.

You can also register for our insurance training programs online, anytime, at ILScorp.com

How do I register or renew my subscription for online insurance courses?

To renew your subscription or register for an online course or CE Subscription simply:

  1. Go to www.ilscorp.com
  2. Do not log in – find the course or subscription you wish to purchase and click ‘Buy Now’
  3. If you are a returning user – enter your current username/password – click ‘Sign In’ (Do not make a new account)
  4. If you are a new user – create a new account and fill in all applicable information – click ‘Submit Information’
  5. Enter your credit card information as it appears on your billing statement

How do I access my online insurance courses once I am registered?

To access your courses simply:

  1. Log in with your username and password on www.ilscorp.com
  2. Go to ‘My Courses’ on the top tab
  3. Choose a course category, and a click on a course title within that category to begin taking courses

Continuing Education Course Subscriptions

View CE Subscriptions

Now is the time to get working on your mandatory CE hours and avoid the last minute rush. ILScorp’s continuing education catalogues feature hundreds of hours of accredited courses that you can complete anywhere you have an internet connection.

ILScorp is here to assist you with your studies

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we want to reassure you that we’re taking precautions to keep our customers and employees safe.  Most staff  are now working from home to help with social isolation.

ILScorp will continue to provide online educational programs and resources, and customer support services are available via phone, email, and chat.

How to Contact Us:

We encourage emailing us so we can assist you promptly!


Phone lines open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30pm PST. Wait times may be a bit longer as we have gone down to 1 line, but please leave us a message.1.800.404.2211

Or, Chat with us on our homepage www.ilscorp.com

We understand this is an uncertain time for everyone, so whether you are considering a new career in insurance, or successfully continuing your online studies, we are here to assist you as best we can.

Thank you





The World Health Organization has declared a global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID19).

The AIC is asking for your assistance in helping to contain the outbreak.

In order to ensure the safety of both exam candidates and staff, AIC asks for your cooperation.  The AIC has decided to temporarily suspend all examinations for a 2 week period and will re-evaluate at that time.

All currently scheduled examinations between March 16 and up to and including March 27 are cancelled effective immediately.

Exam fees will be available for students to re-schedule and attend an exam at a later date.  If you have a scheduled exam later than  March 30th, it has not been cancelled at this time.  The AIC will notify students by email if it becomes necessary to cancel and re-schedule your exam.

If you have any questions, please contact the AIC offices by phone (Calgary 403-233-2929, Edmonton 780-421-4148) or by email at exams@abcouncil.ab.ca.

Alberta General Level 1 GLQP

As of January 01 2020, all students must study current educational materials from an approved General Level 1 Educator in order to be certified as having met the prerequisites to write the Alberta General Insurance Level 1 Licensing Exam.  You can no longer challenge the Alberta General Level 1 Licensing Exam.

This new certification format is known as the Level 1 General Licensing Qualification Program (GLQP).

Why implement the General Licensing Qualification Program?

The intention of candidate certification in order to register and write the licensing exam, is to ensure competency of new entrants into the General Insurance field. Low pass-rates have been an ongoing subject of concern with educators and industry stakeholders.  A change in program approach is now being delivered to ensure consistent education delivery and to improve student success rates.

How do I prepare for the Alberta General Insurance Level 1 Licensing Exam and become certified with ILScorp?

The first step to starting your new career as an insurance professional in Alberta is to obtain a CIPR number. What is CIPR? CIPR is short for Canadian Insurance Participant Registry.

Once you register with CIPR online, you’ll receive a unique identifier called your CIPR # which can be used to identify you.  ILScorp needs your CIPR number in order to eventually certify you to write the Alberta Licensing Exam.

Get your CIPR number here: https://www.cipr.ca

Now you’re ready to enroll in the ILS Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Licensing

ILS Alberta Level 1 General Insurance Exam Preparation Program.

The ILScorp L1 Program has everything you need in one package to successfully pass your Alberta Level 1 General Insurance licensing exam, including your certification exam.

How the Alberta L1 Program Works and Whats Included

  • L1 General Insurance Licensing online course – 12 Chapters
  • L1 Textbook hardcopy – 12 Chapters
  • L1 Workbook hardcopy – over 650 quiz questions
  • L1 Workbook Answer Key
  • L1 Flashcards– over 300 exam type mobile questions
  • Alberta Auto Essentials online course
  • An Insurance Professional’s Regulatory Responsibilities online course – AIC council rules and code of conduct
  • Alberta online supplement – specific to Alberta insurance requirements
  • Accident and Sickness Review Course
  • Review Tests – 17 review tests including multiple choice answer options
  • L1 Alberta General & Adjuster Insurance Licensing Practice Exams
  • ILS Level 1 Certification Exam


More info on exam prep program


The program is broken down into 8 Modules.

When you first log in to your e-learning campus you will be presented with the Alberta Level 1 Terms and Conditions. If you agree with the terms and conditions you will then have access to the very first Module of the program, Module 1: Concepts and Characteristics of Insurance.

Each Module is broken into chapters with end of chapter quizzes. At the end of each Module is a  Module final exam.

Once you successfully complete all review quizzes and pass the final Module Exam you will get access to Module Two. This pattern continues for each Module and once all 8 Modules are successfully completed you will have access to the online certification exam. Once you pass your certification exam, ILScorp will receive a notification that you have completed all course material and qualify to become certified.

ILScorp will then mark you as certified in the CIPR system. This is why you need a CIPR number, without it we cannot mark you as certified. As soon as ILScorp marks you as certified, you can immediately register for the licensing examination with the Alberta Insurance Council.

You will then be certified for 1 full year. If you do not write the Alberta Licensing Exam within the year, you will be required to purchase course material again and go through the certification process again.

If you do not complete all ILScorp course material and pass the ILScorp certification exam you will not be marked as certified and will not qualify to register for the Alberta Licensing Exam.

What if I do not have Certified status and I try to register for the Licensing Exam?

Students will not be able to register for a General Licensing Level 1 examination if they have not been Certified by an approved educator.

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