The CSF accreditation for the CSF compliance courses listed below is expiring October 18, 2017.

All access to these courses will be removed as of October 19, 2017.

These courses are available as part of your ILScorp CSF Course Subscription. If you have not completed these courses in the past,  you have until Wednesday October 18, 2017 to complete them.

As long as you successfully complete these CSF Compliance courses before the expiry date of October 18, they are valid for your November 30, 2017 CSF Requirements.

If any of these courses are showing in your Completed Course History,  you have already taken them and cannot repeat them for your CSF requirements.


Dealer Member Examination and Audit    
Inspection et audit des sociétes
To honour their principal mandate which is to protect investors and strengthen market integrity, regulatory organizations perform regular audits of their members. Discover the process of an audit and witness the importance and the scope of the work performed by experiences auditors. You will be re-assured.
3 Compliance


IIROC and Compliance       
L’OCRCVM et la conformite
This national self-regulatory organization has the mandate to protect investors and strengthen market integrity. It carries out its regulatory responsibilities through setting and enforcing rules regarding the proficiency, business and financial conduct of dealer firms and their registered employees. Discard the unknown and familiarize yourself with its structure as well as its roles and responsibilities. You will discover the means this organization uses to set and enforce market integrity rules regarding trading activity on Canadian equity marketplaces.
2 Compliance


The Canadian Securities Industry      
L’industrie canadienne des valeurs mobiliéres
A good way to learn or improve one’s knowledge of the securities’ industry! Get acquainted with the various components of the industry’s ecosystem (regulators, stock exchanges and others); demystify their roles and responsibilities; and, understand their place within the industry.
3 Compliance


Proceeds of Crime Laundering and Terrorist Activities Financing
Recyclage des produits de la crimialte et financement des activités terrorists
The recycling of the proceeds of crime, better known as “money laundering”, is a process by which the proceeds of crime are converted into apparently justifiable capital by complex operations made by the deposit and withdrawal systems of financial institutions. Learn the new laws and main regulations put into place, as well as the requirements set towards the brokerage firms.
2 Compliance


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