What happens if you fail to renew your license by May 31?

Manitoba General and Manitoba Life/A&S License renewal deadline May 31, 2018

You will be prohibited from acting as an agent.

Your agency or sponsoring insurance company will be notified immediately of the expiry of your license.

If you wish to apply under the reinstatement process, you will be required to complete ad submit a paper application form, along with the annual licensing fee and the reinstatement fee of $70.00. You will not be able to act as an gent until the Insurance Council of Manitoba approves the application and confirms the reinstatement by email to you. Delays could occur where additional requirements must be submitted for reinstatement.

Accredited CE Courses


Renewal instructions are available on the ICM website here.  Users Guides and Frequently asked Questions (FAQS) are also available on the ICM website. Phone calls or emails from licensees with questions that are answered within the User Guides and FAQs will no be returned by Council.

Council recommends that you renew your license immediately to provide time to deal with any potential issues before the deadline. Online license renewal is the ONLY method of renewing your license. There are approximately 15,000 licenses being renewed in the month of May, you may find the ICM system slow when trying to renew.


Don’t leave the entry of your completed Manitoba CE credits until the last minute. Enter credits upon completion and allow the on-line CE system to
a) track how many CE credits you have completed,
b) remind/inform you of how many more credits are required to renew your license and
c) simplify your on-line renewal.

Login with your User ID and Password and click on “Continuing Education” to view your CE Status and log the CE courses that you have successfully completed. Simplified instructions to enter your CE credits are outlined under “Report Courses”.

Continuing education credits must have been obtained from an accredited course provider, or have received individual course approval by the ICM. If a licensee intends to apply a course or seminar that is not offered by an Accredited Course Provider, completion and submission of the Individual CE Approval Application is required. The application form must be submitted to the ICM at least 30 days in advance of the course to ensure sufficient time to make an informed determination as to whether the CE course qualifies for Manitoba CE credits. More information on what type of CE would fall into this category can be found on the ICM website under “Continuing Education Info”.

Entry of CE for the same course more than once may be permitted on an exception basis only. If an agent wishes to claim credit for a course more than once, the agent must contact Council for prior approval and provide written reasons. This review is subject to the individual course review fee of $50.

For your reference, the CE requirements including the applicable definition for each class of license can be located on the ICM website, and are briefly outlined below:

Life and/or Accident & Sickness

  • 15 hours accumulated from June 1 – May 31
  • no carry forward


  • 8 hours accumulated from June 1 – May 31
  • maximum of 4 carry forward

Auto-Only Brokers

  • 4 hours accumulated from June 1 – May 31
  • maximum of 2 carry forward


  • 8 hours accumulated from July 1 – June 30
  • maximum of 4 carry forward
CE Information specific to Non-Residents of Manitoba

Non-residents residing in Canadian jurisdictions that have mandatory CE requirements will be deemed to have met the requirement in Manitoba. Agents/Brokers and Adjusters residing in a jurisdiction where CE is not mandatory are required to comply with Manitoba’s CE requirements. CE Credits must be obtained from an Accredited Course Provider or a course that has been individually approved by the ICM.

Residents of the United States of America are required to comply with the Manitoba CE requirements. CE Credits must be obtained from an Accredited Course Provider or a course that has been individually approved by the ICM. However, if a US resident has completed a course that meets the applicable Manitoba requirements , the agent may apply for consideration of individual approval. Should the ICM determine that the CE course is not applicable to the Manitoba CE definition, the US resident would be required to complete additional CE courses to meet the mandatory Manitoba CE requirement.

Questions can be directed to contactus@icm.mb.ca.

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