Happy Canada Day Eh!

ILScorp offices are closed Monday July 3, for Canada Day Eh,  but we will be back on July 4th!

Admit it, you’ve said “Eh” occasionally, maybe even more than you realize.
According to Wikipedia, Eh is similar in meaning to “Excuse me,” “Please repeat that” or “huh?”

Really Eh?
According to us Canadian folk (or at least myself)  Eh has some very  serious uses.

One Canadian favourite is that Eh can easily turn any sentence into a question.  For example “The weather is nice.”  to “The weather is nice, Eh?”  Call it lazy but it’s a lot easier to say “The weather is nice, Eh?” than “Than the weather is nice, don’t you agree?”

Eh can also effectively accompany a command. “Open the door, Eh!” or “Think about it, Eh!”  See how the commands become much more assertive.

The simple addition of Eh to any insult, takes it to a whole new level.  “You’re a real snob, Eh?”  Or an accusation, “You took the last doughnut Eh!”  There’s no arguing with that accusation, that doughnut was definitely the last one, and you definitely took it.

Eh is also very effective in storytelling.   “So this guy was parking his car Eh, then he gets out Eh, and I guess his car wasn’t actually in park Eh…”  The story is much more compelling with the use of Eh, you can feel the foreshadowing and suspense.

Eh can also instantly create ambiance. “The weather is nice, Eh?” suggests a backyard summer BBQ with cold beer and friends, where as “The weather is nice, don’t you agree?” portrays sipping tea with Great Aunt Beatrice, your pinky in the air.  BBQ sounds much better, Eh?

Our use of Eh is often mocked in the US, along with “aboot” but Eh is truly Canadian, it even has its own fixed expressions, “Thanks, Eh!” or  “I know, Eh?”  But on July 1, say it loud and proud! Happy Canada Day, Eh!
Enjoy the July 1 Canada Day holiday!

ILScorp offices are closed for Canada Day Eh,  but we will be back on July 4th Eh!

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