ILScorp now has MFDA approved courses for your 2023 requirements.

MFDA reference period is from December 1, 2021 to November 30, 2023.

Below is the list of MFDA approved courses, as well as the CE requirements for members.

These courses are part of the FP Subscription, the Life/A&S Subscription and the CSF Subscription.

MFDA Business Conduct Ethics MFDA Business
Conduct Other
The Ethical Agent Part 1 2 1000000451
The Ethical Agent Part 2 2 1000000452
Ethics in the Insurance Industry -Part 1 3 1000001532
Ethics in the Insurance Industry -Part 2 3 1000001534
Ethics in the Insurance Industry -Part 3 4 1000001535
Life Agent Development – The Foundation – Part 1 3 1000001575
Life Agent Development – The Foundation – Part 2 3 1000001577
Life Agent Development Course Retirement Planning 3 1000001578
Al and the Individual Pension Plan 4 1000001579
How Group Insurance Plans Work 2 1000001581
Group RPPs and Disability Income Insurance 3 1000001582
Protecting Life Insurance Benefits from Creditors and Settlement Options for Beneficiaries 3 1000001583

Important Message About the MFDA Courses

If you completed any of the above courses on or after February 22, 2022, your CE certificate will be updated to show the MFDA CE Credits and MFDA#. If you completed the above courses before February 2022, the accreditation was not approved at that time and the course must be successfully completed again to show the MFDA accreditation and MFD# on your certificate. Members are responsible for reporting their MFDA CE in CERTS.


Dealing Representative
8 Business Conduct Credits – A minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 of these Business Conduct Credits must relate to Ethics
20 Professional Development Credits
2 MFDA Compliance Credits *
Chief Compliance Officer, Ultimate Designated Person and Branch Manager
8 Business Conduct Credits
2 MFDA Compliance Credits *
* The 2 MFDA Compliance Credits must be obtained by completing continuing education activities specifically designated by the MFDA Corporation.

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