New Communications/ Speaking Course Launched by ILScorp – Canada’s Leader in Online Insurance Education.

COURTENAY, BC – Insurance industry leaders have told ILScorp that they wish new recruits to the industry were stronger at communication – better at articulating their message to customers, co-workers and employers.

To meet this growing need among professionals in all industries, ILScorp, Canada’s leader in online insurance education, has launched a new online course: “Secrets for Exceptional Speaking.” Using the trade-marked Hendrie Method, this online video course teaches an innovative approach to public speaking, presentations, and communication skills.
With this course, students will:
•discover techniques to apply to different communication and interpersonal situations
•know how to bring your words to life with appropriate emotion
•sound conversational and connected in several different styles
•be able to communicate any information and connect with any listener
•enhance your reputation, improve your self-confidence and advance your career!

In an interview with Marty Hughes of HUB International, Mr. Hughes told ILS what advice he gave to a group of new insurance industry professionals:
“Get comfortable talking in front of large groups, and learn to be articulate. If you can speak well, and you are comfortable in front of groups, you are more than halfway there. It is amazing to me the people out there who are not articulate enough to present their thoughts and express them to people in a coherent fashion. Not everybody is going to be a great speaker; I get that. And not everybody is comfortable speaking in front of a large group—I know I wasn’t. But you make yourself get good at it.”

After completing the Secrets of Exceptional Speaking course, which includes practice exercises and worksheets, students will be confident speaking to large and small audiences on a variety of topics.
Whether it’s speaking at your brother’s wedding, presenting to the board of directors, addressing a lecture hall, or your coworkers at a weekly meeting, the Secrets course will help you share information confidently and communicate effectively.

This course will give you techniques that you can apply to different communication and interpersonal situations. By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate any information, know how to bring your words to life with appropriate emotion, and sound conversational and connected in several different styles.

“As HR Manager, I have access to the finest training available in the country. The Hendrie Method is the ‘best of the best.’ It builds dramatic excellence into public speaking. Graduates exhibit self-confidence and style…and consistently give the “Secrets” Course superb evaluations. We highly recommend it for our executives, managers, retail salespeople, call center employees – anyone who must communicate with clients. The results will far exceed your expectations,” explains Michael Young, VP and Manager Human Resources Education & Development Bank One, Arizona.

This course is used by executives from Fortune 500 companies to train their themselves and their employees, and is now available to you, online, to work through at your convenience.

Purchase the Secrets of Exceptional Speaking course from ILScorp today for only $309. This includes unlimited access for three months! Purchase online or call us at 1-800-404-2211 for more information.

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