As of January 1, 2016, a new life licensing qualification program will be in effect called the Harmonized LLQP (HLLQP).

This program will be implemented across Canada (including Quebec).
As a result of this regulatory change, all students currently registered in the existing ILScorp LLQP Program must register with their provincial insurance council and pass the provincial LLQP final licensing exam by December 31, 2015.

(Please note, you must complete the online LLQP course material, and pass the course Certification exam BEFORE you register and challenge the provincial licensing exam with your insurance council)

Students who do not successfully complete the provincial final licensing exam by December 31 2015, must enroll in the new 2016 Harmonized Life License Qualification Program in order to become life licensed.

Now is the time to obtain your life license with ILScorp’s streaming video LLQP Program. Register now and receive one free certification exam re-write.

More Info

The ILS LLQP Online Video Course Consists of 18 Sections:

  • Section 1: Financial Services Industry Overview
  • Section 2: Life Insurance Products
  • Section 3: Non-Forfeiture Options
  • Section 4: Policy Dividends
  • Section 5: Policy Riders
  • Section 6: Features of Life Insurance
  • Section 7: Common Law, Contract Law & Life Insurance
  • Section 8: Beneficiary Designations
  • Section 9: Group Insurance
  • Section 10: Government Plans
  • Section 11: Annuities
  • Section 12: Registered Retirement Savings Plans
  • Section 13: Segregated Funds Contracts (IVICs)
  • Section 14: Taxation
  • Section 15: Securities & Investments
  • Section 16: Accident & Sickness
  • Section 17: The Agent’s Role & Responsibilities
  • Section 18: Needs Analysis/ Risk Management

With the ILScorp LLQP, you will receive: access to the LLQP Life Insurance Video Course, a series of exam-type case studies; an online mock exam and one attempt at the Certification Exam (register now to receive one free rewrite). With the ILScorp LLQP you can review any subjects before moving on in the course, or come back to topics at any time. Students should plan to spend between 80 and 120 hours preparing for the provincial LLQP exam.

Access: Expiring December 31st, 2015

No refunds on ILScorp course material not completed by December 31, 2015.

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