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The objective of this course is to provide you with knowledge on how to manage, maintain and increase sales to ultimately increase profit

Topic covered include:

  • Sales Management
  • Sales Plans
  • Measurement and Monitoring
  • Sales Compliance
  • Marketing Products and Services


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Sales Management

The objective of most sales organizations is to maintain and increase sales to increase profits. But organizations have limited resources to apply to meet their goal of increasing sales and profits. The organization’s Sales Manager is responsible for producing and managing a sales plan that will maximize the return on the investment that an organization commits to its sales processes including:

  • Developing in conjunction with senior management the organizations sales goals
  • Selecting and hiring staff
  • Organizing sales staff to effectively and efficiently sell insurance products
  • Developing sales staff and motivating them to produce results
  • Measuring and monitoring results and applying resources to maximize sales opportunities
  • Ensuring that all sales and marketing tactics are compliant with Federal and Provincial rules and regulations

The Sales Manager must actively manage all aspects of the sales cycle on an ongoing basis. Since the sales team has the closest contact with brokerage customers the Sales Manager must work closely with his or her sales staff to identify opportunities to increase sales or to combat threats to business.

Sales Plan

It has often been said that until a plan is written down it is not a plan; it is a dream. Likewise, what is not measured is not managed. Thus, the need for an organization to have a sales plan that is written down and carefully monitored.  Most brokerage sales plans will include:

1.The type of client and business the brokerage will want to target

2.The projected overall growth and profit that the brokerage wants its sales team to achieve

3.The resources that the brokerage is willing to invest to reach its sales and profit goals

4.The insurance markets to be utilized to reach the sales goals

Effective sales goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time sensitive (SMART). It is the job of the sales manager to help producers reach their individual sales goals. This will have the cumulative effect, of the firm reaching its organizational sales goals.

Measurement and Monitoring

Regular monitoring is needed for any organization to properly manage its sales programs. Timely monitoring of the sales team helps an organization determine if it is progressing satisfactorily towards its sales goals, or if corrective action is needed.

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This course is accredited in the following categories

LIFE/A&S – Alberta and Ontario

General / Adjuster – Technical – Alberta

RIBO – Management  – Ontario

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