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Insurance Fraud… All Tricks and No Treats

Insurance fraud continues to be a major issue. It impacts every insurance company and virtually every customer as insurers increase premiums to offset fraud losses. The general consensus is that suspicious activity is increasing and the tactics used by fraudsters are more sophisticated. o what constitutes insurance fraud? Insurance fraud happens when an individual or a group of persons deceives an insurance provider to get some money. They do this with full knowledge of the act and can be very resourceful when fabricating or exaggerating a claim.

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Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be Back on Tuesday

The ILScorp offices will be closed Monday, Oct. 10 as we take some time to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll be back Tuesday morning, ready to take your calls, answer your questions and register you for online insurance programs.

You can also register for our insurance training programs online, anytime, at

Have a great long weekend, everyone!

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Characteristics of Insurance and Other Contracts

INSURANCE CONTRACT BASICS. People enter into insurance contracts for the protection these contracts provide. Contracts can be made orally or in writing. To eliminate disputes as to whether a contract existed, it is recommended that contracts having significant or long term obligations be made in writing.
Parties to the Contract: There are at least two parties to every contract regardless of its purpose. In property insurance contracts, these parties include: – the insurer, and the insured.

EXAMPLE: Last week, Alex and Olivia Gregory completed an application for insurance for their home. The application was sent to the XYZ Insurance Company. They received their insurance policy yesterday. Both the Gregorys and the insurance company are considered to be parties to the contract.

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Take the ILS Level 1 Licensing Quiz

View the video demo of the ILS Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Program and test your knowledge by taking the quiz. The ILS Level 1 Licensing program has everything you need in one package to successfully pass your Level 1 General Insurance Licensing exam. Still not sure if this program is the right choice for you? View the CHAPTER 1 video demo, a quick sample of Chapter 1 of the L1 program, INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL INSURANCE and see what taking an online course is all about.

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Why should you consider taking classes online versus in a classroom?

If you’re thinking about starting a career in the insurance industry by completing your level 1 licensing courses online, you may be nervous and worried that the online learning environment will lack the “human touch” your used to in lectures and seminars. However, online learning has come a long way over the last few years and it’s probably not what you imagine – instructors don’t just toss all the regular course materials online and leave it at that.

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ILS Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Program

But why would you want to work in insurance? Looking for a solid career that won’t require a multi-year college degree? The insurance industry may be just the right place for you. People may not think of insurance as the most glamorous industry in Canada, but it does offer stability, challenge and growth to those who choose the profession. It’s an incredibly diverse and gratifying career choice, with huge scope for personal fulfillment, network building, professional development and of course financial reward. A career in insurance will take you as far as you want to go.

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185 Courses for $185.00 – your CE solution

Your CE is fast, easy and done all at one low cost with the ILScorp General Insurance CE Course Subscription. The ILS General CE Course Subscription contains over 185 provincially accredited online courses including 21 courses that are RIBO accredited in the Management Category. RIBO accredited courses in the Personal Skills and Technical Category are also part of the ILS General CE Course Subscription.

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RIBO Management CE – new course now available

Need RIBO Management CE for your September 30th deadline? Introduction to Cyber Risks for Insurance Professionals is now available as part of your ILScorp CE Course Subscription. This new course is valid for 3 continuing education hours – RIBO ACCREDITATION – 2 MANAGEMENT CE HOURS and 1 TECHNICAL CE HOUR

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New OTL Exam Prep Course Program

New ILS L1 Program has everything you need in one package to successfully pass your OTL – Other Than Life – Level 1 General insurance licensing exam. OTL Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Exam Preparation Program includes: L1 General & Adjuster Insurance...

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