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New Course for RIBO Management CE

New course, Financial Management of Brokerages Course, accredited for 2 RIBO Management CE. Financial management is the big-picture enterprise of which record-keeping is one significant activity. Overseeing the assets, liabilities, capital structure, income and expenses of the brokerage to support its profitability is the function of financial management. In order to produce the “numbers” that add up to success, managers must possess the skills to orchestrate all the elements that contribute to the financial picture.

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RIBO Monitoring and CE Compliance

Once you have completed your CE, do not send the continuing education certificates to RIBO. Each individual is responsible for their continuing education hours and certificates as the continuing education program is self-regulatory. It is recommended that each individual maintain a Continuing Education Record Sheet and folder to place the certificates received from seminar providers. There will be a question on the annual renewal form to declare compliance with the Continuing Education Program. For spot check purposes, continuing education certificates should be kept for 5 years to indicate compliance with the Continuing Education Program. The Principal Broker will be responsible for ensuring that licensed individuals comply with RIBO requirements.

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ILScorp Offices closed Monday for Labour Day

Why do they call it Labor Day? For many, Labour Day signals the end of summer, but Labour Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labour Day has its origins in the labour union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. Happy Labour Day Canada! ILScorp offices will be closed Monday September 4, 2017 to celebrate Labour Day. Our offices will be open on Tuesday September 5. Hope you had a great summer and enjoy the long weekend! Purchase or renew your CE Course Subscription to complete your mandatory CE requirements online now.

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Continuing Education Requirements Ontario – RIBO

For spot check purposes, continuing education certificates should be kept for 5 years to indicate compliance with the Continuing Education Program. The continuing education certificates are not to be submitted to RIBO unless specifically requested by RIBO during a spot check. The Principal Broker will be responsible for ensuring that licensed individuals comply with RIBO requirements. However, it is also each individual’s responsibility to keep track of their own continuing education hours and certificates for 5 years, even if the brokerage firm/employer keeps a record of it.

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New RIBO Management CE Courses

Four New RIBO Management CE now available! New Course, Insurance Distribution Channels. Credit Hours: 2 RIBO Management CE.
Demand for insurance products and services remains as strong as ever but there has been a fundamental shift in the channels consumers choose to make their purchases. Insurance is generally bought directly through an insurer (through its captive agents, the web or other direct channels) or through independent agents and commercial brokers who provide access to the products of several insurers. Agreements bind brokerages

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Happy Canada Day 2018!

Canada Day 2018 is Sunday, July 1. It will also be observed as a national holiday on Monday, July 2, everywhere in Canada (except in Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nova Scotia.) On this day a large percentage of the population gets the day off… including the staff of ILScorp!

Although the ILScorp offices will be closed Monday July 2nd for Canada Day, you can still purchase or renew your CE course subscriptions online.

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New Course – Relations Between Brokers and Insurers

Brokerages often regard themselves as being independent of insurance companies, yet their very existence depends upon the insurance company that assumes the risks represented by the policies the broker sells. This tie, in which the broker is the intermediary between the consumer/client and the insurance company, is articulated in the agreements forged between the two entities. Upon completion of this course you will have a strong understanding of the elements of broker agreements.

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ALBERTA – Continuing Education FAQs

The Insurance Agents and Adjusters Regulation of Alberta sets out the Continuing Education Requirements for insurance agents, brokers and adjusters. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked by Agents, Brokers and Adjusters in Alberta. What are the Certificate Terms for Continuing Education? Life and Accident & Sickness insurance agents, General insurance agents and Adjusters are required to complete in each certificate term at least 15 hours of approved continuing education courses. Effective July 1, 2014, a “certificate term” means the period beginning on July 1 and ending on the next June 30. How do I know that I have satisfied my CE requirements? You must log in to AIC and check your CE Summary Report.

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License Renewal 2018 MANITOBA

What happens if you fail to renew your license by May 31? You will be prohibited from acting as an agent. Your agency or sponsoring insurance company will be notified immediately of the expiry of your license. If you wish to apply under the reinstatement process, you will be required to complete ad submit a paper application form, along with the annual licensing fee and the reinstatement fee of $70.00. You will not be able to act as an gent until the Insurance Council of Manitoba approves the application and confirms the reinstatement by email to you. Delays could occur where additional requirements must be submitted for reinstatement.

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