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The many uses of “Eh?”

Happy Canada Day Eh!
ILScorp offices will be closed Monday July 3rd to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday!

Admit it, you’ve said “Eh” occasionally, maybe even more than you realize.
According to Wikipedia, Eh is similar in meaning to “Excuse me,” “Please repeat that” or “huh?”

Really Eh?
According to us Canadian folk (or at least myself) Eh has some very serious uses.

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Ongoing Education Requirements for Alberta Residents

Life and Accident & Sickness insurance agents, General insurance agents and Adjusters who hold a certificate of authority must obtain 15 hours of continuing education credits as a condition of renewing their certificate of authority. Certificate holders are required to demonstrate that they have completed 15 hours of approved continuing education courses for each class of license being renewed by entering all approved courses under their Alberta Insurance Council profile. The Alberta Insurance Council

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Alberta an Insurance Professional’s Responsibilities

In this four part course you will be guided through the regulatory responsibilities expected of an Insurance professional in the province of Alberta. This online course looks specifically at the Insurance Council of Alberta, it’s subordinate councils and the rules and regulations that guide them. We then take a closer look at appeals, the election process and general provisions and finally the code of conduct for General Insurance licensees is covered in detail. Other topics covered include: Appeals, Provisions and Elections as well as the Code of Conduct

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CE Credits Poll

Have you completed your mandatory CE requirements for your licensing renewal? Participate in our CE Credit Poll and let us know if your done!

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How many CE credits do I need?

Continuing Education (CE ) will assist agents, and brokers as insurance industry professionals, in providing the highest level of service to their customers. The CE requirement sets a minimum standard of knowledge for agents in Canada. CE is required by regulation, and failure to meet the CE requirement will be subject to the consequences and processes governing agents.

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Back to Work, Back to CE Deadlines!

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! Now it’s back to work and back to mandatory CE requirement deadlines.
Hooray! Don’t stress out just yet. Yes there are only a few days left to the May 31 CE credit deadline but with ILS your CE is FAST, EASY and DONE!
Get online and get to work. Purchase or renew your ILS CE Course Subscription and complete your CE requirements entirely online now.

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New Course: Behavioural Finance

Irrational behaviours can be among the most difficult behaviours to deal with. People exhibiting irrationality tend to focus on their own way of thinking rather than a more predictable mindset. This irrational mindset can have negative consequences for a person’s life and investments. Luckily, there are ways to bring an irrational person back to a rational mindset. As an investment advisor, it is your job to identify these behaviours and then correct them. Client irrationality, left unchecked, can wreak havoc on an investment portfolio.

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ILScorp Offices Closed at 4pm PST for BC General Voting Day

Today, Tuesday, May 9th, is general voting day in British Columbia for the provincial election. In order to give our employees time to exercise their right to vote, ILScorp offices will be closed at 4pm PST.
Did you know?
The number of people who turned out to vote ahead of election day this year is 70% higher than last time.
2017 marks the 100th year since women won the right to vote in BC.
The final count, including absentee votes, doesn’t take place until May 22 to 24.

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RIBO CE Technical Subjects

Technical CE. Subjects directed towards imparting of general insurance product knowledge and/or technical insurance expertise including risk management and loss prevention. Maximum allowable credits: 16 hours. The deadline for completion of the continuing education requirements is September 30, 2017 and there are no extensions for individuals to comply. Noncompliance
of the continuing education requirements will result in the suspension of the license and suspended individuals may not conduct any business with members of the public until the license is reinstated.

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