The General Insurance Council of Manitoba has recently developed detailed guidelines for general insurance licence holders and course providers to assist in the selection and application of General Insurance continuing education credit hours. The Manitoba General Insurance Continuing Education Definition and Guidelines have been reviewed, updated and redefined.

Continuing Education Definition General and Auto Only Broker Licensees

Manitoba Insurance Council: “The objective of continuing education is to improve and increase the ability of the general insurance agent to deliver a high quality of performance, keeping abreast of current and emerging developments in the insurance industry.

Continuing education must be directly related to knowledge relevant to giving advice about general insurance products or services, including the claims process, or the operation of a general insurance business. This includes programs which are structured for the specific purpose of educating and providing skills to agents to communicate insurance matters effectively.

“ICM recognizes that sales are a large part of an agent’s everyday activities and therefore sales knowledge and skills are a requirement for agents. While ICM encourages agents to engage in programs or courses as part of their insurance education, it has determined that the focus of continuing education credits will exclude activities such as programs and meetings primarily based on sales production, promotion and motivation. While the health and welfare of agency employees is of concern in the workplace, it is not the subject for ICM continuing education credits.”

The following listing of ILS CE courses that are currently being offered for Manitoba credits, do not fall within the updated Manitoba CE definitions and guidelines.
Therefore the Manitoba accreditation of these courses will be expiring on Friday December 4, 2015.  (Manitoba accreditation only all other accreditation remains)

MB9560 Positive Passion
MB9605 18 Steps to Dealing with Confrontation
MB9750 Job Security During a Recession And Beyond for ILS
MB9557 Ten “Easy” Commandments for Getting Along With People
MB9558 The Secrets of Commercial Insurance Sales
MB9559 Behavioral Selling
MB19621 Commercial Sales – Video Course
MB19639 Coping with Job Stress and Harassment
MB19697 How to Make a Good Presentation
MB13865 The Sales Process – A Course for Commercial Lines Brokers – Part 1
MB13866 The Sales Process – A Course for Commercial Lines Brokers – Part 2
MB13873 The Sales Process – Selling by Design, Not by Chance – Part 1
MB13874 The Sales Process – Selling by Design, Not by Chance – Part 2
MB19769 Workplace Bullying – Employee
MB19770 Workplace Bullying – Employer
MB19654 Basic Customer Service Skills – Part 1
MB19655 Basic Customer Service Skills – Part 2
MB12594 How to Analyze Effectiveness of Your Customer Service Program
MB19695 Improving Your Management Skills – Part 1
MB19696 Improving Your Management Skills – Part 2
MB12344 Developing your Listening and Questioning Skills
MB19694 Handling Objections in the Sales Process
MB12356 Overcoming Your Customers Objections to Price
MB19653 Dealing with Difficult People – Part 1
MB12362 Dealing with Difficult People – Part 2

Continuing education credits will apply to these courses if they were completed prior to December 4, 2015.

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