Virtual Classrooms fast track your career advancement opportunities

If advancing your career is dictated by your higher education accomplishments, then you take the courses you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills. Earning your CAIB designation doesn’t have to mean years of study time, instead, the time you invest could only be months.

Virtual Classrooms are structured but you can customize your learning environment

Once you register for a Virtual Classroom, your study material is broken down into a 4 week calendar, with daily tasks to keep you on schedule. Although your program is structured, you can still enjoy a flexible schedule because even if it’s 2AM, you have access to all online course material such as videos, flashcards and workbooks. Review the course material as often as you need to help reinforce course concepts, your access is unlimited.

Virtual Classrooms give you immediate results

There is no waiting to learn your test scores, or if you passed the last quiz or not. All end of  chapter quizzes and practice exams are completed online and your results are displayed immediately.

Virtual Classrooms allow you to communicate with your instructor

Through the Virtual Classroom discussion forum you have opportunities to get feedback or have a great Q&A session with your instructor and fellow classmates.


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