Introduction to Insurance Fraud

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This course is included as part of your ILS General /Adjuster or ChAD Course Subscription

This interactive, online audio course will provide you with training and techniques for identifying the common signs of fraud, behaviors associated with these actions, common varieties of fraud, and situations where insurance fraud commonly occurs.

Topics you will learn include:

  • Background of insurance fraud and deception
  • Insurance fraud and its effects
  • Key points in the insurance process:
    • Point of sale
    • First notice of loss
    • After Payment
  • Auto accident indicators
  • Arson indicators
  • Burglary and theft indicators
  • Handling suspicious claims

Included as part of the ILScorp Adjuster CE Subscription

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Objectives of Introduction to Insurance Fraud

Introduction to Insurance Fraud

The objective of this course is to provide skills and training for employees on the topic of insurance fraud. This course provides information on techniques for identifying the common signs of fraud. It also supplies information on the behaviors associated with these types of actions.

Examples of the most common varieties of fraud are included throughout the course. Also discussed are situations where insurance fraud commonly occurs.

The course is interspersed with advice on ways to identify suspicious claims and deal with these in recommended ways. The basic flow for how these claims are handled is presented and the new techniques developed for identifying suspicious claims is introduced.

The course also emphasizes the importance of the common law duties, particularly good will that generally governs the way in which insurance claims are properly handled.

The introduction provides a reference to terms used and there are nine lessons. A Final Quiz is presented at the end.

Glossary: Terms Specific to Insurance Fraud

Lesson One: A Brief Background to Insurance, Fraud and Deception

Lesson Two: Insurance Fraud and its Effects

Lesson Three: Key Points in the Insurance Process – Point of Sale

Lesson Four: Key Points in the Insurance Process – First Notice of Loss

Lesson Five: Key Points in the Insurance Process – After Payment

Lesson Six: Auto Accident Indicators

Lesson Seven: Arson Indicators

Lesson Eight: Burglary & Theft Indicators

Lesson Nine: Handling Suspicious Claims

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