Potential Occupations at Conflict with Duties of an Insurance Intermediary-Alberta


The potential for conflict of interest in the insurance industry should be considered as a part of the application
process for licensing as well as ongoing licensed practice. Insurance professionals need to be knowledgeable and
sensitive to the requirements relating to conflict of interest in their own role and those of their colleagues.
Insurance licensees are expected to abide by the Insurance Agents and Adjusters Regulation, AR 122/01 (the


The purpose of this course is to ensure that participants take away the pertinent information provided in the
Insurance Agents and Adjusters Regulation, AR 122/01 (the “Regulation”) with regard, in particular, to potential
occupations at conflict with the duties of an insurance intermediary in Alberta.

Course Contents

This course covers the following topics:

  • Definition of conflict of interest
  • Discussion of the term undue influence
  • Requirements (In addition to those in the Act) to be met by an individual in respect of a new insurance agent’s
    certificate of authority
  • Listed occupations of licensees which may prevent an applicant from receiving, renewing, reinstating o retaining
    a certificate of authority due to a potential conflict of interest
  • Delegated authority of the Councils with regard to the Regulation
  • Investigative files and detailed case studies

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