Prospecting and Overcoming Objections to Price

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Successful salespeople are always looking for new customers for their products or services. Prospecting includes all means available to salespeople to identify potential clients for the brokerage.
It’s an essential step in producing new business. The second half of this course explores common objections and solutions in dealing with them to successfully complete a sale.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Why some producers are not good prospectors
  • Prospecting strategies – how to find the right people
  • Planning your approach
  • Helpful hints when dealing with any prospect
  • Causes of objections
  • Why people raise objections
  • Four steps to handling objections
  • Alternative methods/strategies when dealing with an objection to “price”
  • How to reduce the number of objections
  • Handling objections pro-actively

Included as part of the ILScorp Csf CE Subscription.

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