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The RIBO Level 1 License allows you to sell Habitational (personal and commercial) Insurance Coverages, Auto Insurance Coverages, Travel Insurance, and Liability Coverages in Ontario.

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RIBO Licensing Exam Information – Entry Level 1

RIBO Licensing Exam Information – Entry Level. To obtain your RIBO license you must pass the RIBO level 1 licensing examination. The examination consists of ninety (90) multiple choice questions and one (1) short answer case study. Each multiple choice question is worth one (1) mark and the case study is worth ten (10) marks. The passing mark is 75%. The time allowed to write the examination is three (3) hours.

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Alberta Adjuster Licensing Requirements

A criminal record check is required by all individuals who are first time applicants for licensing in Alberta.
The Alberta Insurance Council may also request that individuals who are applying for a general, life, accident & sickness, or adjuster certificate of authority provide a security clearance. New applicants for an Adjuster’s Certificate Level #1 (other than restricted “Hail, Equipment and Travel Adjusters”) are required to pass an examination before a license can be issued.

These Criminal Records checks can be obtained from the local policing authority by attending the local office and making a request.

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Saskatchewan Council Approved Mandatory Ethics Training – minimum of 3 hours

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Saskatchewan Council Approved Ethics Courses

The Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan (ICS) operate under an authority delegated by the Superintendent of Insurance to licence and regulate insurance agents, brokers, adjusters and agencies in the province of Saskatchewan.

The Councils are committed to a fair, ethical and professional industry which ensures that consumers receive responsible, trustworthy advice and service regarding insurance and related financial matters. As such in the bylaw respecting mandatory ethics training was introduced January 1, 2010. The ethics training bylaw indicates all existing resident licensees must complete a Saskatchewan Council approved ethics course that is at least three hours in duration.

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Alberta you’re up! Get ready for your June 30 CE deadline.

While most insurance professionals in BC are breathing a huge sigh of relief this fine Monday morning, Alberta brokers, agents and adjusters are stepping up to the CE home plate for a few practice swings.

Alberta you’re up!

Your June 30 CE deadline is just around the corner, so get online and get to work.

(I know it it’s Monday and you aren’t even thinking about CE yet, but don’t worry Alberta, we’ll be badgering Manitoba Adjusters too, not just you. Promise.)

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This is it! CE Credit Deadline just days away.

Feeling panicky about your May 31 CE credit deadline?
Yes you better believe it, your CE credit deadline is this Sunday. (Insert panic, and perhaps a few choice words here)

So this is around the time you promise yourself you wont leave your CE to the last minute again next year. Sounds familiar right? Your intentions are good, but how do ensure you don’t end up in the same CE Credit Cram?

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Frustrated with your Continuing Education Options?

What separates good continuing education from great continuing education?

Good continuing education gets the desired message across, great continuing education is learning that engages, excites, and exceeds learner expectations.

ILScorp’s online continuing education courses, with frequent interactives, visual stimulation and self-pace environment, facilitates positive and easy information transfer.

Incorporating compliance and knowledge-based courses, ILScorp’s online courses allow you to gain not only the continuing education credits required to maintain your insurance license, but also the practical education and knowledge that will set you, and your business, apart from the competition. Knowledge is power and in the insurance industry, power comes with having a measurable, competitive advantage.

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Manitoba Insurance Licensing Regulations

Continuing eduction requirements, obligations and restrictions for insurance professionals in Manitoba.
General insurance – June 1 to May 31 annually – 8 CE credits
Adjusters – July 1 to June 30 annually – 8 CE credits
Life and Accident and Sickness – from June 1 to May 31 annually – 15 CE credits
Licensees must self-report their earned continuing education credits online through the Insurance Council of Manitoba’s Enhanced Online CE Module.

Continuing education requirements vary by license, as follows:

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Canadian Insurance Continuing Education Requirements, Record Keeping

As an insurance agent, broker or adjuster in Manitoba, do you know how many of your continuing education credits earned can be carried forward each year?

In Alberta, how long must you maintain your continuing education certificates after the expiry of the licensing period in which the credits were earned?

BC licensees with an approved designation (CAIB, CIB, CIP) must have how many continuing education credit hours?

The following information is to be used as guidance for Canadian insurance continuing education requirements and record keeping.

For full insurance licensing requirements, obligations and restrictions visit the ILScorp Resource Center , to view the licensing regulations for your province.

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British Columbia Insurance Continuing Education Requirements and Record Keeping

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Insurance Licensing Regulations in British Columbia

Canadian Insurance Continuing Education Requirements and Record Keeping. The following information is to be used as guidance to help you ensure you meet your professional requirements and obligations. For more information or for help with specific questions, contact your provincial or territorial insurance council.


General insurance – June 1 to May 31 annually – 4, 6 or 8 CE credits, depending on experience (see below for more information)

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