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Manitoba Insurance Licensing Regulations

Continuing eduction requirements, obligations and restrictions for insurance professionals in Manitoba.
General insurance – June 1 to May 31 annually – 8 CE credits
Adjusters – July 1 to June 30 annually – 8 CE credits
Life and Accident and Sickness – from June 1 to May 31 annually – 15 CE credits
Licensees must self-report their earned continuing education credits online through the Insurance Council of Manitoba’s Enhanced Online CE Module.

Continuing education requirements vary by license, as follows:

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Canadian Insurance Continuing Education Requirements, Record Keeping

As an insurance agent, broker or adjuster in Manitoba, do you know how many of your continuing education credits earned can be carried forward each year?

In Alberta, how long must you maintain your continuing education certificates after the expiry of the licensing period in which the credits were earned?

BC licensees with an approved designation (CAIB, CIB, CIP) must have how many continuing education credit hours?

The following information is to be used as guidance for Canadian insurance continuing education requirements and record keeping.

For full insurance licensing requirements, obligations and restrictions visit the ILScorp Resource Center , to view the licensing regulations for your province.

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British Columbia Insurance Continuing Education Requirements and Record Keeping

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Insurance Licensing Regulations in British Columbia

Canadian Insurance Continuing Education Requirements and Record Keeping. The following information is to be used as guidance to help you ensure you meet your professional requirements and obligations. For more information or for help with specific questions, contact your provincial or territorial insurance council.


General insurance – June 1 to May 31 annually – 4, 6 or 8 CE credits, depending on experience (see below for more information)

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Back to work, back to CE deadlines

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Now it’s back to work and back to mandatory CE requirement deadlines. Hooray!
Don’t stress out just yet.
Yes there are only 13 days left to the May 31 CE credit deadline but with ILS your CE is FAST, EASY and DONE!
Get online and get to work. Purchase or renew your ILS CE Course Subscription and complete your CE requirements entirely online now.

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Plans for the long weekend coming up?

Long weekends are a wonderful break from the craziness of work. Unfortunately, they can often slip away quite quickly, somehow leaving you with more to do than before the weekend started and no idea of where your time went. So how can you make the most of your long weekend?

First, get your CE done. Does it sound lame? You bet. Will you be glad you did it? Yes. Get online and get to work. You know you’re going to be completely slammed at the end of Ma

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Save with Group Subscription to ILScorp’s Online CE Courses

Canadian Insurance professionals, if you have a group of five or more employees who need to complete their CE credits in order to meet insurance licensing requirements, then a group subscription to ILScorp’s online General Insurance continuing education courses may be the perfect solution to your agency’s insurance training needs!

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It’s not too late to register and save $100!

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Last Chance to Save $100 on Insurance Training Virtual Classroom Programs

ILS Insurance Training Virtual Classroom Programs Start Today!
It’s not too late to register and save $100!
With the ILS Insurance Training Virtual Classroom Programs starting today May 11, you could be finished your Level 1 general insurance licensing, or CAIB 1 through 4 exam preparation, and be ready to advance your career in the Canadian insurance industry by June 5. Register now and study from your favourite patio lounger on the deck, or overstuffed arm chair with a mug of tea, all material is completed entirely online at your convenience!

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Make your Mama PROUD! Take your first step towards an insurance career!

This year, why not make your mama proud and listen to her advice? After all, your mother is always right, isn’t she? Over the years she most likely shared her opinions on your appearance, your friends, money and dating life, and whether you wanted to hear it or not, your work… or lack thereof.

If your 21 or 41, insurance is already a part of everything you do…. why not find your career in it? Insurance affects virtually everything we do in our life and in business. It provides peace of mind for the people and things we value. There are many forms of insurance and, as a consumer, you probably have at least one type of policy.

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25 Days Left! Who else wants fast CE?

It’s coming! Your May 31, CE credit deadline! This year save yourself from CE panic!
With ILS your CE is Fast, Easy and DONE!
Purchase or renew your ILS CE Course Subscription and complete your mandatory CE requirements entirely online now!
ILS offers accredited continuing education courses for insurance agents and financial planners across Canada! Continuing Education deadlines for insurance agents in BC and Manitoba are May 31, and Alberta’s requirements must be met by June 30 this year.

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