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Upgrade to your Level 2 License

To obtain your Level 2 license you must pass the CAIB 2 and the CAIB 3 exams.
Use ILScorp’s online CAIB exam preparation courses, or Daily Assisted Virtual Classroom Programs to quickly and successfully prepare you for your Level 2 license.

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That review went fast…guess the rest is up to me. I’m so grateful for these immersion courses and glad that I was able to be a part of all four. Thank you so much Todd and ILS! I will owe my designation to you! Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future…take care!

Jenny Dennis

I was very happy to receive the Canadian Insurance Scholarship. The course laid everything out for me in a way that was very easy for me to understand. Anytime I needed any guidance there was always someone available to help me.

Simoriah Holland

I recommend the courses at ILS. I found them to be easy to follow and straight forward. There is always jobs in the insurance industry and it is a very transferrable career wherever you choose to live. There is a lot to learn and it is really an interesting industry to be part of. Thank you ILS for making it so accessible.

Robyn Liseth

I’d like to thank you guys for the GREAT videos! I don’t think I would’ve passed my CAIB 2 on a self study basis and going to classes during the week is just not possible for me.

Thanks again!


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