Alberta Continuing Education – New Expiry Dates

To continue to provide the highest quality continuing education (CE) for insurance professionals in Alberta, the Alberta Accreditation Committee (AAC) has determined that CE without expiry dates and those accredited for longer than three years, will be phased out and no longer be accredited for CE purposes. This ensures that all CE offered aligns to current market conditions and trends.

How does this affect you?

If your completing your CE with ILScorp…

it doesn’t affect you at all!

ILScorp has re-accredited all of our Alberta continuing education courses to meet the new CE standards and requirements.

So don’t worry, take all the CE you need! Our courses are accredited

Alberta General CE

Each course that is accredited in Alberta will display both an Alberta Flag and an AIC#.

Alberta Life/A&S CE

Remember courses that are technical in nature qualify for continuing education requirements. Again if you see the Alberta flag and the AIC# then that course is valid in Alberta. Your courses will also display the word “Technical” in the CE Credit Type field.

Courses that are sales oriented or more along the lines of broker skills, such as Angry Customers and how to Deal with Them, do not qualify for Alberta continuing education, so you will not see an Alberta flag or AIC# on that course.

If you need assistance completing your 15 hours of CE, contact ILScorp today!

The Alberta Accreditation Committee, as delegated by the Minister, is responsible for reviewing and approving continuing education providers, continuing education courses, and the hours and means of calculating the continuing education hours, for each course or seminar that can be used towards the 15-hour requirement that licensed agents and adjusters must satisfy each licensing year.



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