Reminder of June 30 Alberta CE Deadline

If you leave your CE to the last minute, you’re likely to be audited.

Did you know that the insurance councils of Alberta audit licensees who complete their CE at, or near, the end of the renewal deadline.

Complete Your CE Now!

Family, business, or other reasons may require you to travel outside of Canada during the pandemic. This course will outline and explain TuGo’s COVID-19 insurance coverage, including COVID-19 emergency medical and related quarantine expenses, or what happens if you test positive for and are diagnosed with COVID-19 while on your trip.
Credit Hours: 1
BC, SK, MB, ON Credit Type: General/Adjuster – Technical / RIBO – Technical / Life/A&S – Technical
AB Credit Type: General – Technical / A&S – Technical


Understand the purpose and scope of the Guidance document.
Be able to explain the way the conduct of insurance business is supervised.
Know the importance of acting in compliance with the laws, regulations and guidelines to which representatives are subject.
Credit Hours: 2
BC, AB, SK, MB, Credit Type: General/Adjuster – Technical / Life/A&S Technical
RIBO Credit Type:1 RIBO -Management and 1 RIBO-Ethics

Continuing Education Course Subscriptions

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Insurance CE Courses for Alberta Licensees

Insurance CE Courses for Alberta Licensees

June 30 is the CE Credit Deadline for all

Alberta Insurance Licensees

Life and Accident & Sickness insurance agents, General insurance agents and Adjusters who hold a license in Alberta must obtain 15 hours of continuing education credits as a condition of renewing their insurance license.

Alberta Insurance licensees are required to demonstrate that they have completed 15 hours of approved continuing education courses for each class of license being renewed by entering all approved courses under their AIC profile. The AIC will conduct random audits to determine that certificate holders are in compliance with these requirements. All certificate holders must keep a copy of their CE certificates issued by a continuing education provider for a period of 3 years following the expiry of the certificate term and must provide a copy of those records when they become part of a random audit.

ILScorp offers AIC approved, online continuing education courses for Life and Accident and Sickness agents, General agents and Adjusters. Courses are completed entirely online and certificates are generated immediately. Your CE certificate will display your name, your CIPR number, the course title, date of completion, CE category and CE credit value and the AIC Accreditation Number. ILScorp keeps a copy of your competed CE certificates on file for up to 7 years in case of audit.  We have found that those licensees who complete their CE requirements in the last few weeks before the June 30th deadline are more likely to be audited.

Get your CE credits done now from the office or from home!

Where ever you have an internet connection, you have access to approved CE.



How do I know that I have satisfied my CE requirement and how do I enter my completed CE courses?

You must log in to AIC and check your CE Summary Report. You are required to complete courses that have been approved by the AIC for CE hours in order to process the renewal of your license. All approved courses can be found in the CE Course Lookup Section on the AIC website. Contact ILScorp directly for assistance if you are unable to find a course.  For help on how to enter your courses, check out the How To tutorial on the AIC website “How to Add CE courses or view CE status.”

I am a non-resident agent/adjuster. Do I have to satisfy CE requirements in Alberta to renew my license?

If you currently hold a license in your resident jurisdiction for the same class of insurance license that you hold in Alberta and if you have satisfied the CE requirement in your resident jurisdiction for which you are not exempt, you will have satisfied Alberta’s CE. You will be required to report your non-resident license number on the CE status page to receive the CE exemption. A list of jurisdictions that have been determined to have a satisfactory CE requirement is posted on the AIC web site. If your jurisdiction is not listed, then you must satisfy Alberta’s CE requirement.

If I do not renew my license on-line by June 30th, is there a grace period or can I pay a late penalty/filing fee?

There is no “grace period.” Once your certificate has expired automatically on June 30th, you are no longer authorized to act as an insurance agent/adjuster until a certificate has been issued. You will be required to submit a new on-line application that is approved by your recommending insurance company or Designated Representative (as applicable), and submit it with the appropriate fee payment

Alberta Level 1 Exam Sittings Resumed

The Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) and the insurance industry have been deemed essential services and as such, the AIC will resume the scheduling of exams beginning on Monday, May 4th.  Examination sittings will be offered for Edmonton and Calgary AIC office locations only.

For the safety of the staff, exam candidates, and proctors each examination sitting will be restricted to 10 candidates.  Social distancing of 2 meters or 6 feet must be maintained at all times. All students must wear a mask or face covering over mouth and nose. We will be checking all exam candidates for signs of fever prior to admittance into the exam.  All exam candidates must complete declarations and waivers prior to arriving at AIC offices.

By registering for an examination, all Examination Candidates hereby agree to adhere to Alberta Health and the Alberta Insurance Council safety protocols. Examination Candidates are required to declare that they are healthy, do not fall into a COVID-19 high risk group, and must complete a waiver releasing the AIC from all coronavirus related liability.

Details of these mandatory requirements and examination scheduling changes can be found on the AIC website.

Alberta Continuing Education – New Expiry Dates

To continue to provide the highest quality continuing education (CE) for insurance professionals in Alberta, the Alberta Accreditation Committee (AAC) has determined that CE without expiry dates and those accredited for longer than three years, will be phased out and no longer be accredited for CE purposes. This ensures that all CE offered aligns to current market conditions and trends.

How does this affect you?

If your completing your CE with ILScorp…

it doesn’t affect you at all!

ILScorp has re-accredited all of our Alberta continuing education courses to meet the new CE standards and requirements.

So don’t worry, take all the CE you need! Our courses are accredited

Alberta General CE

Each course that is accredited in Alberta will display both an Alberta Flag and an AIC#.

Alberta Life/A&S CE

Remember courses that are technical in nature qualify for continuing education requirements. Again if you see the Alberta flag and the AIC# then that course is valid in Alberta. Your courses will also display the word “Technical” in the CE Credit Type field.

Courses that are sales oriented or more along the lines of broker skills, such as Angry Customers and how to Deal with Them, do not qualify for Alberta continuing education, so you will not see an Alberta flag or AIC# on that course.

If you need assistance completing your 15 hours of CE, contact ILScorp today!

The Alberta Accreditation Committee, as delegated by the Minister, is responsible for reviewing and approving continuing education providers, continuing education courses, and the hours and means of calculating the continuing education hours, for each course or seminar that can be used towards the 15-hour requirement that licensed agents and adjusters must satisfy each licensing year.



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