In our last blog we provided an overview of the Utilitarian/Utility value/motivation.  A recap for this value is that people with higher scores are driven by opportunities that have practical results, maximizing both efficiency and returns for their investments of time, money, talent, energy and resources.

Let’s learn about the third value/motivation, Aesthetic/Surroundings.

If a person has a high score in this value, they are driven by the experience, subjective viewpoints and balance in their surroundings.  They like a harmonious workplace in the environment and want to achieve balance in all areas of life.

Conversely, those with lower scores in this motivation focus more on the tangible and functional components of their surroundings, preferring function over form; utility over beauty.

Here is an example of how this value is viewed differently.

An architect was designing a new home.  It has unique angles to the roofline and incorporated an interior design that allowed for an array of areas that created tranquility throughout. One of the main features was a large fish tank that divided the living area from the kitchen, and another was a wide hallway with palm trees and exotic plants.  A person with a high aesthetic value would appreciate this and enjoy the beauty, while a person with a lower score would find fault with the design due to the wasted use of these areas that could be put to better use in terms of functionality.

Imagine having a discussion with someone regarding the beauty of this new home if they preferred functionality over the aesthetics.

  • What a waste of space! Who is going to spend time in this hallway looking at the plants?  There could have been a large kitchen island put in if the fish tank wasn’t there since that is where people gather when they are visiting.


When looking at it from a more aesthetic perspective, you may be thinking:

  • Isn’t this beautiful? I love the colour of the fish and could sit for hours watching them.  I’m so glad there is space amongst the plants to put a small chair…what a wonderful place to relax!


Once again, there is no right or wrong.  It is simply how people view the value of aesthetics differently.

In our next post we will discuss the fourth value/motivation; Social/Others.

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