In our last post, we discussed the basic elements of the Steadiness factor of DISC.  As a recap of what we have discussed so far:


D – Dominance;

How you approach and respond to problems and challenges

I – Influence

How you influence people and contacts to your point of view

S – Steadiness

How you respond to pace and consistency


Today, we will introduce the basic elements of C; Compliance.

Compliance is the element of an individual’s personality that indicates how you respond to procedures and constraints set by others.  Highly compliant people like the structure of rules, while a lower compliant person may believe rules and procedures are simply guidelines and do not apply to them!


High compliance will manifest as a person who is detailed and organized.  They do not make or accept decisions at face value, instead needing details, facts and data to support the decision. You may find them making up more rules for others to follow if they feel the current procedure isn’t adequate.  Alternatively, the lower compliant individual is self-reliant and will take chances by bending the rules, along with appearing to be unorganized. They will question ‘why’ they have to work within the system if the results of their ‘out of the box’ way are the same.


When communicating with a high compliance personality, appreciate their need for prove of concept.  Data, spreadsheets and facts will gain their approval for any and all decisions.  The lower compliant person needs others to understand their independence and confidence in getting the job done their way.


In our next post, we will provide you with some quick tips on how to recognize behavioural styles.

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