Understanding the impact of your own communication style as well as that of others is just the starting point of a good relationship. There is another important factor that needs to be considered.  What motivates the other person, or in other words, what is it they want that is making them behave the way they do?  Words, body language and tone of voice are all simple mechanisms that an individual might use to get what they want!

This is the first in a series of posts in which we will explain the most common personality language. DISC is the foundation of understanding for virtually every human personality type, and the science of DISC is proven and trusted all over the world as the benchmark in understanding human behaviour.  Understanding your own communication style is the initial step towards better relationships

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DISC stands for:





The elements of DISC are represented by a plethora of suppliers under a variety of aliases, including but not limited to colours, temperatures, seasons, bunnies and tigers and a variety of other pseudonyms. No matter what they are called, the elements of DISC are common to all personality types and vary in intensity from one person to another.

It is important to understand that every personality has all of these elements in it to varying degrees. In other words, some will be highly dominant and low compliant, with a very low steady style and a moderate influencing style.

Understanding how the various elements of the DISC blend with each other is extremely important. Hence, you should avoid referring to someone as HIGH DOMINANT or LOW COMPLIANT since all of the 4 elements will come into play in a variety of situations.

In future posts we will break down each element of behaviour, explore how these elements of DISC blend with each other and how-to best communicate with the various styles.

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