Happy Halloween! There are no ghosts, goblins or ghouls in ILScorps new creepy and eerie courses, but there are plenty of skeletons, eyeballs and grisly sinew to get you in the spooky spirit!  Introducing a new course series, Adjusting Bodily Injury Claims.  Written and narrated by Maurice McFadden, a 40 year industry veteran, three modules are available now with more modules available soon.

Module 1: Introduction and the  Investigation Process, gives  you a solid, general introduction to bodily injury adjusting, and an overview of the investigation process.

Module 2: Injury Explanation and Details and Determining Liability – explores the correct way to explain an injury, the necessary steps to properly complete a claim and legitimate methods to determine liability.

Module 3: Introduction to Anatomy, Skin and Muscles – explores injuries that can occur to the skin, including: nerve damage, contusions, lacerations, abrasions, scarring, severe bruising, and burns. CREEPY! 

This module also looks at the muscular makeup of the body, including: skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, cardiac muscle, arm muscles, knee muscles, neck muscles, hand muscles, ligaments, and sprains and strains. EERIE!

These creepy and eerie Adjusting Bodily Injury Claims courses are accredited in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, for 1 Continuing Eduction Hour each, General or Adjuster credit type.

And it gets even better!  All ILScorp members with a General CE Course Subscription or an Adjuster CE Course Subscription have access to all of these creepy courses right now, at no extra cost!

So whether you’re considering a career in adjusting bodily injury claims, or want to further your knowledge and understanding of the adjusting bodily injury process, check out these new courses today!

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