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Reminder of June 30 Alberta CE Deadline

Your chances of being audited are high if you leave your CE to the last minute!
Did you know that the insurance councils of Alberta will audit licensees who complete their CE at, or near, the end of the renewal deadline? So, If you leave your continuing education completion to the last minute, you’re likely to be audited.
When do you need your CE credits by? Life and Accident & Sickness insurance agents, General insurance agents and Adjusters in Alberta are required to complete in each certificate term at least 15 hours of approved continuing education courses. A “certificate term” means the period beginning on July 1 and ending on the next June 30.

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Communication Styles – Part 10

In our last blog we provided an overview of the Utilitarian/Utility value/motivation.  A recap for this value is that people with higher scores are driven by opportunities that have practical results, maximizing both efficiency and returns for their investments of time, money, talent, energy and resources.   Let’s learn about the third value/motivation, Aesthetic/Surroundings.

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Communication Styles – Part 9

In our last blog we provided an overview of the Theoretical/Knowledge Value.  A recap for this value is that people with higher scores are driven by opportunities to learn, acquire knowledge and the discovery of truth.  Let’s learn about the second value/motivation, Utilitarian/Utility.

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Communication Styles – Part 8

What motivates us or what we “value” is the window to our world.  It is what drives our behaviour. We all have the six motivators in varying degrees.  Today, we are going to focus on the Theoretical/Knowledge value. There are different ways to look at each motivation.  On one side of the scale, a person who has a high score in the theoretical/knowledge area will seek out information at all times.  You may know someone who is constantly checking facts and looking at background information on television characters while watching TV! They are driven by opportunities to learn, and if they are passionate in this motivation they may be seen as a “perpetual student”.  If you are one of these people, can you imagine being in a career where there is no reason for continuous learning?

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Communication Styles – Part 7

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘that person has a bad attitude’?

Our values/motivations represent how we view the world.  When two people have different values there will undoubtably be a debate in a conversation where one feels their values are being attacked. Our values/motivations are the reason we behave the way we do as we see it as the way to get what we want! If we take the time to understand the ‘why’ behind another person’s views it will lead to better communication

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Insurance Broker Professional Certificate

Break into the Insurance Industry without student debt. Fully Funded Insurance Broker Professional Training starts March 2021.Upon completion of this program, students will possess the knowledge to enter the Insurance Industry in British Columbia, with advanced computer, Insurance and interpersonal skills, as well as a level 1 general insurance license. Virtual delivery of all modules with individual instructor support. Online tools & resources with access to a robust Level 1 Insurance Licensing Program.

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Communication Styles – Part 6

Once you have identified the other person’s style, you will be able to adapt your own style for better communication. Remember, it is important to understand that every personality has all of these elements in it to varying degrees. As an example, some people will be highly compliant and low influence, with a very high steady style and a moderate dominance style, while others will be the exact opposite.

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Communication Styles – Part 5

Today, we will introduce the basic elements of C; Compliance.

Compliance is the element of an individual’s personality that indicates how you respond to procedures and constraints set by others.  Highly compliant people like the structure of rules, while a lower compliant person may believe rules and procedures are simply guidelines and do not apply to them!

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New Year New You – Level 2

New Year New You – Level 2

Earn your Level 2 License. To obtain your Level 2 license you must pass the CAIB 2 and the CAIB 3 exams. (BC, SK, MB) Use ILScorp’s online CAIB exam preparation courses, or Daily Assisted Virtual Classroom Programs to quickly prepare you for your Level 2 license. CAIB Exam Prep Self-Study Online Video Courses are divided into easy-to-manage chapters with end of chapter quizzes. Each chapter includes 10-20 video clips of the instructor, along with easy to read text. A downloadable PDF workbook, key terms, a mock midterm and a mock final exam are also included. Once you purchase your subscription, you can begin taking your course immediately! All material is viewed online and is accessible 24/7. How the CAIB exam preparation courses work. Once you purchase, you can begin taking your course immediately! If you are a new subscriber, you will receive an automated username and password by email. All material is viewed online. All you need is an internet connection!

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