With the ILScorp CAIB Exam Preparation Virtual Classroom Programs, you have access to a real LIVE instructor!

Have a question on the material you’re studying… ask the instructor!

CAIB exam prep live classroom

Yes your real LIVE instructor is Todd Hochban, available to answer your questions and comments via the Virtual Classroom Discussion Forum. Post questions, review answers and really think about what you’re learning.

The Virtual Classroom Programs allow you to engage with your instructor and fellow students via a learning platform and course material designed to ensure a stimulating and productive way to prepare for your next CAIB exam.


ILScorp Virtual Classrooms are a combination of structure and freedom

ILscorp Virtual Classroom programs are built on a structure of daily assignments and due dates that you must meet, whether it’s taking an online chapter quiz; completing daily questions; watching weekly review videos; or participating in a discussion with fellow classmates. However, within the virtual classrooms structure you have the freedom to choose the best times to participate that sync with your schedule.

You time is valuable

Save time, money and effort without sacrificing learning quality by accessing our expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an Internet connection. E-learning provides a welcome environment for working adults who need to balance work and family all while preparing for the next CAIB exam to further their careers.  Right away, you save hours every week not having to commute back and forth to classes on a campus—and that’s just the beginning.

Next Virtual Classroom Programs Start October 30, 2017

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How the ILScorp Virtual Classroom Programs Work

ILScorp Virtual Classrooms are completed entirely online, and are ideal for students who benefit from learning in a more structured atmosphere with daily tasks and outlines. Within the 4 week program each day is broken down in a calendar showing what course material to cover and questions assigned to answer. There is no set “classroom time” – the daily video course material, tasks and questions can be completed at your convenience, using the calendar as a guideline to keep you on track during the 4 weeks. Through an online discussion forum you will have access to the answers of your daily assigned questions, as well as the ability to ask the instructor your own questions. Every Friday you receive a review video which summarizes the material covered during the week. Once your 4 week program is complete, you can access your course material for a full 3 months. (3 months after the end date of the virtual classroom) This ensures you can review your material until you feel you are fully prepared to write your exam. ILS recommends a minimum study time of 80 to 120 hours.

Warning this program is not for Zombies.

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