A Growing Danger, Risks of Marijuana Grow-Ops

This course provides students with an overview of the situation across the country with regard to the existence of Marijuana Grow Ops. Risks and hazards of these illegal operations are detailed in Lesson 2. An important discussion is presented of the issues these Grow Ops raise for insurance companies. The course provides advice for landlords both to avoid renting to questionable individuals, as well as to monitor their property for any signs of such activity that might come to light. A comprehensive assessment of the student’s grasp of the information is also provided.

Students will

  • Be familiar with the existence of Grow Ops across the country
  • Recognize the importance of related issues to the insurance industry
  • Be knowledgeable about the variety of risks and hazards posed by Grow Ops
  • Understand the legislation surrounding Grow Ops
  • Know how to manage the risks with regard to insurance
  • Be able to advise landowners of signs for detecting Grow Op
  • Be able to provide strategies for landlords to better screen potential renters
A woman is plucking Marijuana buds.

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