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Wayne KehlDebbie WalmsleyIn today’s world, hiring the right talent along with utilizing and developing your existing talent has never been more critical. Businesses worldwide are looking for ways to increase profits with the same number or even fewer people as in the past. When you have the right person in the right job the synergy it creates will improve the results beyond your expectations.

Dynamic Leadership Inc.’s Debbie Walmsley and Wayne Kehl have amassed more than 70 years of combined business and leadership experience. The founders of Dynamic Leadership Inc. excel at creating happy and productive workplaces.

Dynamic Leadership Inc.’s courses navigate through the hiring process into the leadership and coaching stages of an employee’s lifecycle.


Ten Easy Commandments for Getting Along With People

In order to improve your ability to have positive relationships with others, the first person to work on is you. Knowing what makes other people difficult to get along with is only part of the puzzle. If you don’t understand and recognize your own behavioral traits, you will get nowhere with others.

18 Steps to Dealing with Confrontation

Confrontation can occur whenever and wherever human beings get together. Conflict is part of being human and we must accept that if we are going to be involved, vital, social people we will invariably and unavoidably become involved in confrontations from time to time. The trick to becoming a more effective and respected member of society is to handle confrontation in a calm, well thought out fashion. As you move through this program, you will begin to see that confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing. It is in fact, a great way to get to the root of problems and create a meeting of the minds. If handled properly, confrontation can be a good thing!

Behavioral Selling

Selling techniques based on the four styles of Human Behavior Sections Titles: Behavior Selling The Value of Behavioral Styles to the Sales Cycle Introduction to the Four Key Behavioral Styles Selling with ‘Style’ Blending Your Style – Know yourself First

The Secrets of Commercial Insurance Sales

A step-by-step guide to becoming a successful commercial insurance sales specialist, including accepting your fears, knowing your products, knowing your client. A look at the elements of selling is also included.

Positive Passion

A plan for leadership that will make your lives much easier. When you master this principle you will have more time to focus on managing your growth and profitability. Your current staffing challenges will be reduced and your ability to deal with difficult situations will be enhanced. Positive passion is about clarity and awareness. It is about understanding people. You already know everything there is to know about your business. You already have the hard skills: Inventory, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, and Service. Those are the activities that you do, where you spend ninety percent of your time along with ninety percent of your training dollars.

Job Security During a Recession and Beyond (for ILS)

In hard economic times, is there anything an employee can do to ensure their job is safe? While job security cannot always be guaranteed, this course outlines the skills and knowledge that can put an employee in a solid position during – and beyond – a recession.

DLI also offers the Tri-Metrix™ Personal Talent Plus report. This report provides you with key information on whether or not a person is the right fit for the job, or will help you understand why an existing employee is not performing up to your expectations. The report will also show you specific areas of skill strengths and those that need development. For more information, click here.

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