LLQP - Life Licensing Qualification Program

New harmonized LLQP requirements for students

As of January 1, 2016, a new life licensing qualification program will be in effect called the Harmonized LLQP (HLLQP).

This program will be implemented across Canada (including Quebec).
As a result of this regulatory change, the current ILS LLQP course in no longer available for purchase and all existing students currently registered in ILS LLQP Program must register with their provincial insurance council and pass the provincial LLQP final licensing exam by December 31, 2015.

Students who do not successfully complete the provincial final licensing exam by December 31 2015, must enrol in the new 2016 Harmonized Life License Qualification Program in order to become life licensed.
No refunds on course material not completed by December 31, 2015.

ILScorp is currently working with the Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations, for LLQP National Accreditation and will have a new Harmonized LLQP Program Available soon. All ILS subscribers will be notified once the program is available.

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The new structure of the 2016 Harmonized LLQP will require candidates to successfully complete open-book modular licensing exams.

Why have a modular examination?

  • The examination modules are: Life Insurance; Accident and Sickness Insurance; Segregated Funds and Annuities; and Ethics and Professional Practice;
  • Requiring candidates to pass the four modules will help ensure new agents have the entry level proficiency needed for basic financial literacy in life insurance products.
  • The current examination cannot meet this objective asa candidate’s strengths in one or more areas of the examination may compensate for significant weaknesses in others.

Why have an open-book examination?

  • By mirroring the realities of professional practice, an open-book examination will help ensure candidates focus on their understanding of the course material rather than relying on rote knowledge to answer examination questions.

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