Ethical Theory & Conduct in the Insurance Industry: The Ethical Agent

This course explores the positions of authority within an insurance company, the responsibilities and liability of various operatives including brokers and agents in matters such as the importance of properly and carefully recording 3rd party information.

The material covers situations in which the principal is exempt from the actions of the agent. It explains the essence of fiduciary duty and the importance of agents understanding the nature of a policy illustration.

Examples are presented of unfair trade practices to show what it means, in practice, for the agent to understand clearly his or her ethical obligations. A discussion addresses the question of who bears responsibility for ensuring that contracts are in total compliance with respective regulations, as well as what constitutes unfair and deceptive acts in advertising.

Participants will also be introduced to the aspect of ethics in other industries. We take a look at responsibilities held by other professions within the life insurance ecosystem. There are practical suggestions around how agents can maximize their effectiveness.

Topics covered:

  • Agent Authority & Liability
  • Legal Liability between Principal and Agent
  • Responsibilities to Clients
  • Ethics & Sales Practices
  • Ethical Marketing & Advertising
  • Working with Other Professionals

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