Adjusting Bodily Injury Claims: Module 1: Introduction and the Investigation Process

This course is included as part of your ILS General CE and/or Adjuster CE Course Subscription

This interactive, online audio course, written and narrated by Maurice McFadden, a 40 year industry veteran, will give you a solid, general introduction to bodily injury adjusting, and an overview of the investigation process.

Some topics covered in this course include:

– Adjuster conduct

– Essential information associated with injury to the body

– An understanding of human anatomy and the healing process

– Communicating with claimants

– First Party Claims

– Gathering evidence

– Taking Statements

– Types of claims

Credit Hours: 1
Credit Type: General/Adjuster

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Adjusting Bodily Injury Claims Course Series:

Module 1: Introduction and the Investigation Process

Module 2: Injury Explanation and Details and Determining Liability

Module 3: Introduction to Anatomy: Skin and Muscles

Module 4: Muscle Strains and Skeletal Make Up

Module 5: COMING SOON! – Fractures and the Spinal Column

Adjusting Bodily Injury Claims

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