Adjusting Bodily Injury Claims: Module 5: Fractures and The Spinal Column

This course is included as part of your ILS General CE and/or Adjuster CE Course Subscription

This interactive, online audio course, written and narrated by Maurice McFadden, a 40 year industry veteran, will give you a solid, general introduction to bodily injury adjusting, and an overview of the investigation process.

– This module examines fractures to various bones, including femur, knee, and the tibia & fibula. It looks at the anatomy of the foot and heel, reviews Pott’s fracture and other fracture types, and discusses joints, sprains, elbow injuries, wrist injuries, arthritis, dislocations, treatment of fractures, and amputations.
– The second part of this module explores the spinal column, including vertebrae, identifying and treating spinal injuries, and subluxation.
– The module ends with a review of the makeup of teeth.

Credit Hours: 1
Credit Type: General/Adjuster

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Adjusting Bodily Injury Claims

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