Alberta Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing

Exam Preparation Program

ILScorp L1 Program has everything you need in one package to successfully pass your Alberta Level 1 Insurance Adjuster licensing exam.

Alberta Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Exam Preparation Program includes:

  • L1 General & Adjuster Insurance Licensing online course – 13 Chapters
  • L1 Textbook hardcopy – 13 Chapters
  • L1 Workbook hardcopy – over 650 quiz questions
  • L1 Workbook Answer Key
  • L1 Flashcards– over 300 exam type mobile questions
  • Alberta Auto Essentials online course – includes newest form – SPF 9
  • An Insurance Professional’s Regulatory Responsibilities online course – AIC council rules and code of conduct
  • Alberta online supplement – specific to Alberta insurance requirements
  • Review Tests – 17 review tests including multiple choice answer options
  • L1 Alberta General & Adjuster Insurance Licensing Practice Exam
  • ILS Level 1 Adjuster Extra Practice Questions

Access duration of 3 months – recommended study time of 80 – 120 hours
You must register with the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) to register and write your final licensing examination.

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“Course material was pertinent to the exam.”
“Your course definitely provided me with the knowledge I needed to pass the exam.”

“I failed my first try by 1% and then just passed on my second attempt. Found your material helpful.”
“Your course definitely helped me to pass the exam. Thank you very much!”

“Your program gave me exactly what I needed to succeed.”
“I failed the exam before I bought your course. Your course helped me to pass the exam.”

I just wanted to inform you that I have written my Level 1 Adjuster’s Exam and successfully passed it.
This was my third attempt so passing it was not only important but crucial as well.

My preparation for the first 2 attempts consisted basically of just reading the material that was made available to me and then holding it to memory. I found the ILS course more suited to my studying abilities, whereas, it was more of a “being taught” setting as opposed to just reading a book. I found the layout of the course to be more involving and the material more understandable, especially with the examples that would explain in laymen terms what it was you just learned. I also found the flash cards a very useful tool just to do a quick review of all chapters on a daily basis and keep the information fresh.
Fortunately, I have been able to secure employment with an independent adjusting firm and now I’m getting hands on training.

Thank you for providing me with the ability to lay down the foundation to build on this new career. Taking this course was a good investment and money well spent.

Jay W

ILScorp Student

How to use your ILS Alberta Level 1 General & Adjuster Insurance Licensing Exam Preparation Program

The foundation of  your ILS L1 Program is the online video course, hardcopy textbook, and workbook, each organized into easy to manage chapters. Utilizing all three learning elements enables you to listen to the content as it is narrated in the video course, follow along in your textbook, and enforce your knowledge retention by answering questions on key concepts in your workbook.  With the ILS L1 Program all forms and coverages are current, key concepts are expressed using real life scenarios and examples, end of chapter quizzes can be taken as many times as you wish, and the workbook has over 650 exam type true or false questions along with answer keys.

Once you have mastered the foundation, the Alberta auto regulations, and further Alberta specific material is covered in additional online modules added to your ILS L1 Program. When all components of your ILS L1 Program are successfully completed, the material you’ve learned has prepped you for your Alberta General Insurance Level 1 Licensing Final Exam or Alberta Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Final Exam.

Note: You must register with the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) to write your provincial licensing examination. You must provide the AIC with your CIPR number. If you have not registered for your CIPR number follow this link – Canadian Insurance Participant Registry.

Once you have a CIPR number, contact the  Alberta Insurance Council to register and complete your Level 1 Licensing Final Exam

What's on the Alberta Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Exam?
The Structure of the Alberta Adjuster Level 1 Examination:

  • General: 40 questions
  • Property: 25 questions
  • Automobile: 25 questions
  • Liability: 10 questions

Minimum of 70% is required to pass the Adjuster Level 1 exam.

What's included in the ILS L1 Alberta Insurance Adjuster Licensing Exam Prep Program

ILS courses and subscriptions are sold on an individual user basis and sharing of subscriptions for access to course materials is strictly forbidden. Any sharing of ILS intellectual property with any person or entity who does not have an assigned username and password will result in termination of course access without refund or compensation.

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