Alcohol and Drug Host Liability

This is a comprehensive course of critical importance to any proprietor or landlord who acts as a host to individuals who are using alcohol or drugs on their premises. The slide presentation includes several examples and actual court cases to present the facts about liability, under the law, for the safety of such patrons and guests. The course demonstrates the importance for hosts to avail themselves of protection through insurance coverage, and to understand the conditions surrounding that coverage. It provides important practical guidance and information for all stakeholders in these matters. A quiz allows participants to assess their understanding on completion of the course.

Includes the following topics:

  • The role of drugs and alcohol in fatal car accidents
  • Training for staff serving as commercial hosts
  • Testing for impairment and recognizing impairment
  • Drugs in current use and effects of particular drugs on users
  • Issues around the legalization of edibles containing cannabis
  • The role of insurance providers in the education of hosts
  • Responsibilities of event organizers as hosts and responsibilities of landlords and condominium corporations
  • Investigations of claims related to drug and alcohol use
  • Safety standards expected of commercial host establishments
  • Patron conduct
  • The B.C. Occupiers Liability Act
  • Role and duties of the adjuster
  • Use of force issues
  • Liability of cannabis retailers
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