A BC Insurance Professional’s Regulatory Responsibilities

Ensure you remain compliant with the Insurance Act and the Insurance Council of BC’s requirements. It’s easier than A, B, C.



In this three part course you will be guided through the regulatory responsibilities expected of an Insurance professional in the province of B.C. This course starts out with an introduction to the Acts, statutes, and regulatory bodies that are empowered to oversee the insurance industry in BC and briefly addresses privacy issues.



Lesson 2 moves into the Rules that the Insurance Council of British Columbia has implemented in order to provide the administrative structure for provincial brokers and adjusters. These rules include licensing, educational requirements, individual responsibilities, the complaints process and disciple procedures.



Lesson three completes the course with a detailed look into the Council Code of Conduct and recent disciplinary rulings. Each lesson includes an exam to ensure the required level of comprehension has been met. It is highly recommended this training be completed by all BC Licensees.

*Please note: this is NOT the mandatory “Councils Rules Course” for BC individuals who obtain an insurance licence on or after March 1, 2016.

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Credit Hours: 3 – BC ONLY

Credit Type: General/Adjuster – Life/A&S

Easy to follow and I found the content very useful.
Enjoyed the course, very helpful and really enjoy taking the little quizzes after each section.


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