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Scholarship Opportunity in Your Community!

April 9, 2012

We are excited to announce a new initiative, with the support and leadership of Ken Armstrong, President and CEO of Sussex Insurance.

The Canadian Insurance Scholarship Program and Sussex Insurance are working together to provide 10 education scholarships to British Columbians interested in a new career in insurance. The scholarship provides the online training course required to obtain a Level 1 license, exam fee, and support throughout the studying, preparation and employment period. The end goal is for scholarship recipients to successfully pass their Level 1 General Insurance exam, and find employment within the Sussex Insurance organization.

The scholarships hope to attract new graduates, those currently unemployed or wishing to re-train, employabilities, military vets, single parents or anyone wishing to be part of a new, dynamic career in insurance.

If you know someone that would benefit from this scholarship opportunity, please send them to our site for further information, including ‘How to Apply’, or ask them to contact us direct. We hope to award all 10 scholarships by May 14, 2012, so please encourage anyone interested to apply as soon as possible. Click ‘Sussex Insurance Logo’ on site or ‘Apply Now’.

Sussex Insurance is committed to making the industry stronger and helping people in BC realize their potential. To view an interview with Ken Armstrong about the scholarships, please visit:

For further information, please contact Paula MacRae at Please feel free to forward this letter to anyone that may be interested in this initiative.

Time Management Course

Learn how to accomplish 25% more each day.
Knowing how to manage your time effectively is crucial for being a proactive employee.

This course is full of concrete and easily implemented time management solutions, that will benefit all staff members, from entry level staff to CEO’s.

  • Procrastination
  • Distraction
  • Efficiency
  • Preparation
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Time Wasters
  • Talents

Stop wasting time and educate yourself on time management today.

Buy Now!

Preventing Workplace Violence and Workplace Harassment Course for Ontario

Ontario law requires anti-violence policies and programs for the workplace.

It is mandatory for all organizations in Ontario to have a formal violence in the workplace/harassment policy program in place to be compliant with Bill 168

Becoming compliant is simple with ILScorp’s Preventing Workplace Violence and Workplace Harassment Course for Ontario. The two courses, one for employees, the other for supervisors, provides an understanding of the laws in effect on these important topics.

Saskatchewan General Insurance Council Bylaws Course

The overall goal of the course is to prepare applicants for a general insurance license in Saskatchewan with the knowledge necessary to pass a Bylaws Examination.


This course is broken into fifteen parts consisting of:

  1. The Introduction to Bylaw Examination Information; Ten Bylaws; Schedules A, B, C; and Question Section.
  2. Part I: Introduction to Bylaw Examination Information
  3. Part II: Bylaw 1 – General Insurance Council
  4. Part III: Bylaw 2 – Licenses
  5. Part IV: Bylaw 3 – Education Requirements
  6. Part V: Bylaw 4 – Examinations
  7. Part VI: Bylaw 5 – Register and Licensing
  8. Part VII: Bylaw 6 – Fees
  9. Part VIII: Bylaw 7 – Committees & Subdelegation of functions. Powers & Duties
  10. Part IX: Bylaw 8 – Misconduct
  11. Part X: Bylaw 9 – Incompetence
  12. Part XI: Bylaw 10 – Discipline Process
  13. Part XII: Schedule A
  14. Part XIII: Schedule B
  15. Part XIV: Schedule C
  16. Part XV: Question Section

There is a quiz at the end of the course with 50 questions designed to test what you have learned.


The overall goal of the course is to prepare applicants for a general insurance license in Saskatchewan with the knowledge necessary to pass a Bylaws Examination. The course material relies on the General Insurance Council Bylaws produced by the Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan, effective January 1, 2007 and since amended.

Fundamentals of Insurance 4 Week Program BC and Alberta October 2011

Begins Monday October 3, to Friday October 28, 2011.

  • Fundamentals program is $550.00 plus tax per person.
  • September 28, students will receive a user name, password and access to the course.
  • Students will have access to the course from September 28, 2011 until January 31, 2012.

Course Webinars

  • 2x 2 hour webinars. One held on October 17 and one on October 28.
  • OPTIONAL 1x 1 hour webinar held on November 21 for Alberta students who wish to write their level 2 exam right away, cost is $100.00 per person with a minimum of 6 registrants.

Additional Features

  • 5 questions per day emailed to students and the answers to the previous days questions will be posted on the threaded discussion.
  • Threaded discussion, allows student to ask the instructor questions. Answers within 48 hours.
  • Weekly practice exams on Fridays to prepare for the final exam.

Registration Information

Email to register.

Once registered will contact you with further details.

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