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Make your Mama PROUD!  Take your first step towards an insurance career!

Make your Mama PROUD! Take your first step towards an insurance career!

This year, why not make your mama proud and listen to her advice? After all, your mother is always right, isn’t she? Over the years she most likely shared her opinions on your appearance, your friends, money and dating life, and whether you wanted to hear it or not, your work… or lack thereof.

If your 21 or 41, insurance is already a part of everything you do…. why not find your career in it? Insurance affects virtually everything we do in our life and in business. It provides peace of mind for the people and things we value. There are many forms of insurance and, as a consumer, you probably have at least one type of policy.

Getting started in the insurance industry isn’t as daunting or as expensive as you may think. Yes it takes hours of study to prepare diligently for your exam, but you can purchase the online study material plus the final licensing exam for as little as $200 for the entire program. With an online program, study material is available to you 24/7 so you can study at your own pace at a time that is convenient for you.

ILScorp offers such a program, the ILS Introduction to General Insurance Level 1 Licensing Program (we like to call it IGI for short) By choosing the ILS IGI program, you are accessing the most up to date insurance licensing course available.  All key insurance concepts have been updated and new forms and coverages discussed so that upon successful completion, you will be prepared to quickly understand the roles and responsibilities of an insurance professional and smoothly transition into a career selling insurance.

So make your Mama proud and take that first step towards an exciting and enriching insurance career.

Learn more about the ILS Introduction to General Insurance Level 1 Licensing Program and how you can become part of an industry full of promise and potential.

Purchase the IGI Total Package Program today and instantly save $300 with promo code CINCO15.

Mom always wants you to save your money, so just think how proud your Mama will be when you tell her about your new insurance career path, AND that you saved $300 bucks.

$300 savings promo ends Sunday May 10, 2015.





25 Days Left! Who else wants fast CE?

It’s coming! Your May 31, CE credit deadline!



This year save yourself from CE panic!

With ILS your CE is Fast, Easy and DONE! 

Purchase or renew your ILS CE Course Subscription and complete your mandatory CE requirements entirely online now!

ILS offers accredited continuing education courses for insurance agents and financial planners across Canada! Continuing Education deadlines for insurance agents in BC and Manitoba are May 31, and Alberta’s requirements must be met by June 30 this year. With an ILS CE Course Subscription immediately access hundreds of provincially accredited CE hours for one low cost.

Advantages of the ILS continuing education course subscriptions:

  • Once you purchase your subscription, you can begin taking your courses immediately! If you are a new subscriber, you will receive an automated username and password by email.
  • Access more than 180 accredited general insurance training courses in both text and streaming video formats, including personal lines, commercial lines, auto, farm, professional management and personal skills courses.
  • Access more than 75 accredited life/A&S insurance training courses in both text and streaming video formats including errors & omissions insurance, money management planning process and insurance and estate planning.
  • Have a digital record of your completed course work, which we keep on file for up to seven years.
  • Save time by completing your general insurance continuing education requirements entirely online, no paperwork or commute.
  • Courses can be accessed any time and you can log in and log out as many times as you wish during the course period.
  • Quizzes and Final exams are offered in most of our courses to help you retain the information.
  • Should you require any assistance at any time during your course work, we are here to support you 5 days a week, 0800 – 1700 PST.

Join the more than 22,000 Canadian insurance professionals who develop their skills and meet their CE requirements with ILScorp each year!



This is NACHO ordinary deal! CINCO de MAYO Celebration!

This is NACHO ordinary deal! CINCO de MAYO Celebration!

Today May 5th is CINCO de MAYO

but at ILScorp it’s CINCO para DOS!

(Translation: FIVE for TWO!)

Cinco para Dos! Get the ILS Introduction to General Insurance Level 1 Licensing Program, (The ILS IGI  Total Package) regularly priced at $500 for only $200!

AY CHIHUAHUA! Chihuahua.sombre This is NACHO ordinary deal!

Enter Promo Code CINCO15 to receive your ILS IGI Total Package for only $200.

The ILS Introduction to General Insurance Level 1 Licensing Program (IGI) has over an 80% pass rate due and is the most up to date Level 1 Licensing Program available in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The ILS IGI TOTAL PACKAGE contains everything you need to help you successfully pass the ILS IGI Introduction to General Insurance Level 1 Licensing Final Exam!

Here’s what you get…

Interactive online IGI video course

Hardcopy Textbook

Study Guide with hundreds of extra practice questions and quizzes

Electronic Flashcards

ILS IGI Level 1 Licensing Final Online Exam


You will have 3 months access to all of this material from your date of purchase.CINCOdeMAYO_01

New purchases only. Does not apply to already discounted packages.
Expires Sunday May 10, 2015.


Earth Day 2015 is this Wednesday April 22.

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Sample Questions and Answers from CAIB Exams

Ever wonder what the CAIB Exams consist of?

How many questions are on CAIB Key Terms?

Is there a multiple choice component?

And how many marks are the open ended general questions worth?

To help you prep for your CAIB Exam here is a quick reference list of the structure of CAIB exams and even some sample questions and answers.

Outline of CAIB Exams

The CAIB I exam is structured as follows:


Students will be required to define 12 insurance terms contained in the course material.



Students will be required to answer 10 multiple choice questions. Only one answer is correct for each question. Please be sure that all questions are answered in examination booklet.



Students will be required to answer 26 questions. The questions will focus on the students ability to:

identify or recall relevant information;

explain the relevance of certain insurance terms or concepts;

-provide examples which support the concept being tested.

Sample CAIB Exam Questions and Answers


Sample Question: Define – MATERIAL FACT

Answer: (1 mark)

A MATERIAL FACT is a fact which if communicated to the insurer, would induce it either to decline the insurance altogether, or not accept it unless a higher premium is paid.



Sample Question:

The Consequential Loss Assumption Clause is designed to insure:

(A) damage to refrigerating or cooling

(B) damage caused by freezing of waterlines resulting from power

(C) loss to stock due to a change in

(D) contamination of stock resulting from rupture of supply piping connected to refrigerating or cooling apparatus

Answer: (1 mark)




(A)  (1 mark)

The Insurance Acts of the Common Law provinces require that all policies insuring against the peril of fire also insure direct losses caused by two (2) additional perils. Identify the two (2) additional perils insured by the Fire Policy.


(B)  (2 marks)

Indicate whether the Fire Policy would respond to pay for the following losses. The building, stock and equipment are owned by the insured and are covered under the policy. State whether COVERED/NOT COVERED.

(1) fire damage to six 15 ft. canoes being held for sale in the insured’s

(2) damage due to contamination by radioactive materials which were released when natural gas furnace in research laboratory


(A) In addition to the peril of fire, the Fire Policy also insures the perils of lightning and explosion of natural, coal or manufactured (1 mark)


1.  COVERED (1 mark)

2.  NOT COVERED (1 mark)


What grade do I need to pass?

A minimum grade of 60% is required for a pass on each exam.


What does the online exam look like?

Exam consists of multiple choice, definition and short answer questions for CAIB 1-3 and the long form answers for CAIB 4. Students have 3.5 hours to complete the exam. The passing grade is 60% for each level.


Prepare to successfully write your CAIB Exam and work towards your CAIB designation with ILScorp’s CAIB Exam Prep Online Video Courses.

More than 80% of students who prepare to write their CAIB exams with the ILScorp CAIB tutorial courses are successful!

Our interactive, online, CAIB Exam Preparation Video courses combine the dynamic instruction of Todd Hochban with the ease and convenience of online learning. Each course contains streaming video, and are divided into easy-to-manage chapters. Each chapter includes 10-20 video clips of the instructor, along with easy to read text. Numerous exercises and mock exams help to reinforce knowledge retention.





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