CFP Certification – New Exam Prep Toolkit

CFP Certification – New Exam Prep Toolkit


CFP Board unveils resource guide and exam study strategies as fall exam registration begins.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. released its CFP® Exam Candidate Preparation Toolkit to help candidates develop study strategies, manage time and build support from employers and peers as they prepare for the CFP® Exam. The toolkit release coincides with the opening of registration for the November 2017 CFP® Exam.

CE Courses for CFP Professionals

Created with feedback from CFP® professionals, the CFP® Exam Candidate Preparation Toolkit comprises three sections. The first, “Charting Your Path to CFP® Certification,” shows career growth prospects and advantages CFP® professionals have over their competitors in the financial planning profession. The second section, “Create a Supportive Learning Environment,” shows how candidates can call on employers for training, financial support and the work-life balance necessary to study for the exam. The final section, “Develop a Test Strategy,” discusses the topic areas of the CFP® Exam and suggests methods of study that play to the strengths of different learning styles.


View Exam Prep Toolkit Guide

Registration for the next CFP® Exam begins July 20, 2017 with an education verification deadline of Oct. 11 and a registration deadline of Oct. 24. Candidates will select a day within the window of Nov. 7-14 to take the exam. More information about registration is available here.

CFP® professionals have an obligation to ensure that their knowledge and competence remains current. To renew CFP® certification, CFP professionals are required to complete 25 hours of CE activities each year (excluding the year you pass the CFP® examination and the following calendar year). Continuing Education (CE) may fall under the categories of financial planning, practice management, product knowledge or giving back. For more details, visit our Continuing Education page.

FPSC Level 1 certificants are required to complete 12 hours of CE activities each year (excluding the year you pass the FPSC Level 1 examination and the following calendar year). CE may fall under the categories of financial planning, practice management, product knowledge or giving back. An FPSC-Approved Capstone Course, a requirement on the path to CFP certification, qualifies for the equivalent of two years of CE for FPSC Level 1 certificants. For more details, visit our Continuing Education page.

Each year, a percentage of CFP professionals and FPSC Level 1 certificants are chosen randomly for CE audit to ensure that they are compliant with CE requirements.

New Adjuster Licensing Program for BC Residents

New Adjuster Licensing Program for BC Residents

ILS Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing program brings new option for Level 1 insurance Adjuster licensing in British Columbia

COURTENAY, B.C. – June 20, 2017 – ILScorp, Canada’s leader in online insurance training and education, is proud to announce the launch of the ILS Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Program.

Recently accredited by the Insurance Council of British Columbia, this innovative program allows students to study for and obtain their Level 1 Insurance Adjuster license from a single source.

“We listened to our students and examined the current learning environment in Canada,” said Ken MacRae, ILScorp’s President and CEO. “We found that students had very limited options in obtaining their Level 1 Insurance Adjuster license. The ILS Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Program gives newcomers to the BC insurance industry the opportunity to obtain their Level 1 license from Canada’s leading insurance education and training provider.”

“ILScorp has been educating insurance professionals through online training programs for over seventeen years,” said Dana Barr, General Manager of ILScorp. “The addition of the ILS Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Program really reinforces just how seriously ILScorp takes education and its high level of dedication to the insurance industry.”

Building on the strong foundation of innovative online training ILScorp has honed in its seventeen years online, the comprehensive ILS Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Program is adaptable to all learning types. The program includes an easy-to-follow textbook, online video instruction, hardcopy workbook, mobile flash cards and practice exams. Utilizing all these learning elements enables the student to listen to the content as it is narrated in the video course, follow along in the textbook, and enforce knowledge retention by answering questions on key concepts in the workbook. With the ILS Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Program all forms and coverages are current, key concepts are expressed using real life scenarios and examples, end of chapter quizzes can be taken as many times as you wish, plus the workbook has hundreds of exam type questions along with answer keys. The Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Final Exam is even included in the Program and is completed entirely online.

“My finding is that the method of delivery, curriculum design and content are in some cases, superior to, but in all cases, consistent with insurance education standards I have worked with over the many years of instructing,” said Maurice Mcfadden, President of Mcfadden Insurance Consulting with over 42 years experience in the insurance industry including 23 years as a trainer and educator of brokers throughout BC. “ I found the presentation format was well thought out and executed, keeping in mind the human demographics of the day.”


The ILS Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Program is available now through the ILScorp website.


“Current insurance industry professionals have long been telling us how much they appreciate the quality of our training materials,” added MacRae. “Now, we’re pleased to be able to offer newcomers a great introduction to the industry with the ILS Level 1 Insurance Adjuster Licensing Program”


About ILScorp

ILScorp began in 1991 as a professional education company focused on licensing and continuing education services for the Property and Casualty Insurance industry in Canada. This was a natural niche for ILScorp, as our founder and former President Steve Hawrishok authored The Fundamentals of Insurance course for Canada, which issued as a Level 1 licensing course in most provinces in Canada. In addition to The Fundamentals of Insurance course Steve was asked to author the CAIB Program a four-course designation program which is used for step licensing purposes in many jurisdictions in Canada. In 2000, ILS made the strategic decision to move all their insurance training programs online. Putting together the need for licensing and continuing education courses for insurance professionals, with the tremendous cost savings accrued by delivering those courses over the internet, lead to the birth of

Today ILScorp is the largest online insurance training provider for the P&C industry in Canada offering accredited (through Insurance Councils in each Province) online licensing as well as continuing education courses in all provinces of Canada. ILScorp works with many of the largest insurance companies and brokerages in Canada customizing insurance education programs and is recognized for the quality of its education offerings.



For more information, contact

Dana Barr

General Manager



The many uses of “Eh?”

The many uses of “Eh?”

Happy Canada Day Eh!

ILScorp offices are closed Monday July 3, for Canada Day Eh,  but we will be back on July 4th!

Admit it, you’ve said “Eh” occasionally, maybe even more than you realize.
According to Wikipedia, Eh is similar in meaning to “Excuse me,” “Please repeat that” or “huh?”

Really Eh?
According to us Canadian folk (or at least myself)  Eh has some very  serious uses.

One Canadian favourite is that Eh can easily turn any sentence into a question.  For example “The weather is nice.”  to “The weather is nice, Eh?”  Call it lazy but it’s a lot easier to say “The weather is nice, Eh?” than “Than the weather is nice, don’t you agree?”

Eh can also effectively accompany a command. “Open the door, Eh!” or “Think about it, Eh!”  See how the commands become much more assertive.

The simple addition of Eh to any insult, takes it to a whole new level.  “You’re a real snob, Eh?”  Or an accusation, “You took the last doughnut Eh!”  There’s no arguing with that accusation, that doughnut was definitely the last one, and you definitely took it.

Eh is also very effective in storytelling.   “So this guy was parking his car Eh, then he gets out Eh, and I guess his car wasn’t actually in park Eh…”  The story is much more compelling with the use of Eh, you can feel the foreshadowing and suspense.

Eh can also instantly create ambiance. “The weather is nice, Eh?” suggests a backyard summer BBQ with cold beer and friends, where as “The weather is nice, don’t you agree?” portrays sipping tea with Great Aunt Beatrice, your pinky in the air.  BBQ sounds much better, Eh?

Our use of Eh is often mocked in the US, along with “aboot” but Eh is truly Canadian, it even has its own fixed expressions, “Thanks, Eh!” or  “I know, Eh?”  But on July 1, say it loud and proud! Happy Canada Day, Eh!
Enjoy the July 1 Canada Day holiday!

ILScorp offices are closed for Canada Day Eh,  but we will be back on July 4th Eh!

Ongoing Education Requirements for Alberta Residents

Continuing Education Requirements for Alberta Resident Agents and Adjusters

Life and Accident & Sickness insurance agents, General insurance agents and Adjusters who hold a certificate of authority must obtain 15 hours of continuing education credits as a condition of renewing their certificate of authority.

Effective July 1, 2014 a “certificate term” means the period beginning on July 1 and ending on the next June 30.

All certificate holders are required to have 15 hours of credits per certificate for the first reporting period. The regulation also provides a mechanism to carry forward up to a maximum of 7.5 hours of credits from one certificate term to the next.

Certificate holders are required to demonstrate that they have completed 15 hours of approved continuing education courses for each class of license being renewed by entering all approved courses under their Alberta Insurance Council profile. The Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) will conduct random audits to determine that certificate holders are in compliance with these requirements. All certificate holders must keep a copy of their CE certificates issued by a continuing education provider for a period of 3 years following the expiry of the certificate term and must provide a copy of those records when they become part of a random audit.

Agents or Adjusters who become licensed for the first time in the first nine months of any certificate term are required to obtain CE credits. The number of hours required is calculated on a pro-rated basis in accordance with a formula established by the regulation. Agents who become licensed in the final three months of a certificate term are not required to obtain CE credits for that year only. DO NOT send copies of your CE certificates to the AIC unless specifically asked to do so by the AIC.

View CE Course Subscription Options

Now is the time to get working on your mandatory CE hours and avoid the last minute rush. ILScorp is ready to help, with continuing education catalogues featuring hundreds of hours of accredited courses that you can complete anywhere you have an internet connection.

Advantages of the ILS continuing education course subscriptions:

  • Once you purchase your subscription, you can begin taking your courses immediately! If you are a new subscriber, you will receive an automated username and password by email.
  • Access more than 180 accredited general insurance training courses in both text and streaming video formats, including personal lines, commercial lines, auto, farm, professional management and personal skills courses.
  • Access more than 75 accredited life/A&S insurance training courses in both text and streaming video formats including errors & omissions insurance, money management planning process and insurance and estate planning.
  • Have a digital record of your completed course work, which we keep on file for up to seven years.
  • Save time by completing your general insurance continuing education requirements entirely online, no paperwork or commute.
  • Courses can be accessed any time and you can log in and log out as many times as you wish during the course period.
  • Quizzes and Final exams are offered in most of our courses to help you retain the information.
  • Should you require any assistance at any time during your course work, we are here to support you 5 days a week, 0800 – 1700 PST.

Alberta an Insurance Professional’s Responsibilities

Alberta an insurance professional’s regulatory responsibilities

In this four part course you will be guided through the regulatory responsibilities expected of an Insurance professional in the province of Alberta.  This online course looks specifically at the Insurance Council of Alberta, it’s subordinate councils and the rules and regulations that guide them. We then take a closer look at appeals, the election process and general provisions and finally the code of conduct for General Insurance licensees is covered in detail.

Other topics covered include:
Provisions and Elections
Code of Conduct

This course is included as part of your ILS CE Course Subscription

More Info on Course

Access Duration from the Date of Purchase: 6 Month(s)

Credit Hours: 2

Credit Type: General/Adjuster or Life/A&S

AIC# 43817 General/Adjuster

AIC# 43818 Life/A&S


Detailed Course Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 – Insurance Councils
1. Interpretation
2. Composition of Alberta Insurance Council
3. Composition of Life Insurance Council
4. Composition of General Insurance Council
5. Composition of Adjuster Council
6. Chairs of Council
7. Becoming Ineligible
8. Term
9. Delegation
10. Delegation of Alberta Insurance Council
11. Life, General and Adjuster Councils
12. Inspection of Records

Lesson 2 – Appeals
13. Appeal Board
14. Becoming ineligible
15. Term
16. Notice of appeal
17. Panels
18. Remuneration, fees and expenses
19. Hearing and notice of hearing
20. Evidence – councils decision
21. Written Submissions
22. Procedural fairness
23. Panel orders
24. Disposition of appeal fee
25. Requirements for order
26. Appeal to court
27. Evidence
28. Court orders

Lesson 3 – General Provisions and Elections
29. Eligibility for candidates
30. Nominations
31. Voter eligibility – council elections
32. Voter eligibility – appeal board elections
33. Election process
34. Alternate elected members
35. Repealed AR 104/2006 s13
36. Repeal
37. Expiry
38. Coming into force

Lesson 4 – Code of Conduct Principles
1. Trustworthiness
2. Good Faith
3. Competence
4. Financial Integrity
5. Dealing with Clients
6. Dealing with Insurers
7. Dealing with Agents
8. Dealing with Agents
9. Conduct Specific to Agents acting as insurance adjusters
10.Dealing with the Alberta insurance council
11.Compliance with governing legislation and the code

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If you haven't completed your CE yet don't panic! Purchase or renew your ILScorp CE Subscription and get immediate access to accredited courses and complete your CE entirely online. Click on the link below to get started now!
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