Disability Income Replacement Insurance

The foundation of any sound financial plan is Income Replacement Insurance. Its purpose is simple: to replace an individual’s income should he or she be unable to work as a result of either an accident or a sickness. In many cases, a person’s income may stop immediately due to injury or sickness, while expenses continue, and in fact, could increase as a result of the disability.

When income protection is not provided for our clients, they are at risk of losing everything they have. While the need for Income Replacement Insurance is obvious, it is often overlooked at the time of a life insurance sale despite the fact that the chance of people becoming disabled during their working years is far higher than of them dying.

The purpose of this course is to ground participants in a clear understanding of income replacement strategies and plans (both for individuals and businesses) and, in particular, to impress them with the importance of serving clients by demonstrating the benefits of income replacement insurance.

Disability parking sign

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