How to Improve your Management Skills

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In this course, we will look at skills required of all effective leaders under the following headings:

Part 1 – Leadership

  1. Thirty Important Leadership Fundamentals
  2. Taking Over
  3. Setting Standards
  4. Creating a Strategic Vision
  5. Establishing Priorities
  6. Making the Big Decisions
  7. Decentralizing and Getting Feedback
  8. Leading During Change and Crisis.
  9. Dealing with the Downside
  10. Handling the Media

In Part 2, we will look at the additional things you must do in the organization to become a more effective leader and/or manager, specifically:

Part 2 – The People And The Organization

  1. Working for the Big Boss – 9 Types of Bosses and What Makes Them Tick
  2. Hiring – How to Recruit and Select the Right People
  3. How to Take Care of your People – Rewarding and Promoting Employees
  4. How to Counsel Associates re: Performance Issues
  5. Complimenting Creatively to Promote Individual and Organizational Morale
  6. Teaching and Reading – Two Duties of All Leaders
  7. Firing Employees – It Goes with the Territory

Part 3 – Personal And Professional Growth And Education

Looking at Yourself – 20 Things That Will Help You to Become a More Effective Leader

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