Insurance Act of Manitoba Amendments Course

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As the courts deemed the Manitoba Insurance Act as outdated, there was a need to update the language of the Insurance Act. Various groups contributed their input into the changes proposed.

Goals Determined:

1.Modernization of the Laws

2.Consumer Protection Enhancements/Clarity


4.Justifiable Intervention

5.Licence and administer the regulatory framework for Incidental Sellers of Insurance

The first set of amendments to the Insurance Act of Manitoba became effective as of September 1, 2014. Additional amendments are effective as of January 1, 2015 and March 1, 2015.

All of these amendments are covered in this online course.

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This course is broken into twenty sections:

Section 1: Introduction to the Reforms
Section 2: Consultations and Goals of Changes
Section 3: Date Laws Are Effective
Section 4: The Goals Established
Section 5: The Need for Reform
Section 6: Overview of Significant Amendments
Section 7: Structural Reform
Section 8: Electronic Communications
Section 9: Requirements for Giving Notice of Statutory Process
Section 10: Requirements for Giving Notice of Limitation of Actions
Section 11: Causes of Fire
Section 12: Recovery by Innocent Co-insureds
Section 13: Access to Parts of Group Insurance Contracts
Section 14: Right of Rescission (Cooling Off Periods)
Section 15: Disclosure of Licensing or Disciplinary Actions
Section 16: Regulatory Framework for Incidental Sellers of Insurance
Section 17: Rules about Gift-giving
Section 18: Brokers or Agents can Charge Fees on Commercial Insurance
Section 19: Insurance Compliance Self-evaluative Audit
Section 20: Use of Credit Information

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