Introduction to Travel Insurance Trip Protection Coverage

This course is included as part of your ILS General CE and/or Adjuster CE Course Subscription

This course provides an overview of the various forms of protection that fall under the heading of Travel Insurance Trip Protection Coverage.

Topics include:

  • The need for insurance and travel insurance, along with an overview of its history and development over time.
  • An overview of the common law duties associated with an insurance contract and the obligations that come with these.
  • How trip protection coverage minimizes the financial risks of travel.
  • A look at the benefits and limitations of Trip Cancellation coverage, its terms, conditions and examples of circumstances where it may prove beneficial.
  • How Trip Interruption Coverage benefits travelers, including examples of its use, and application of certain terms and conditions.
  • The terms and conditions that apply specifically to trips Canceled for Any Reason coverage, along with examples of situations where it has protected travelers.
  • The terms and conditions governing trips Canceled for Work Reasons coverage, along with examples of situations where it can protect an insured traveler.

Included as part of the ILScorp General Insurance CE Subscription

Included as part of the ILScorp Adjuster CE Subscription

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Trip Cancellation Insurance coverage

Trip Interruption Insurance coverage

Cancel for any Reason Insurance coverage

Cancel for Work Reasons Insurance coverage

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