Investment Management and Your Client – Part 2

Learning Objectives:

The objectives of Lesson 1 are to:

  • Explain, illustrate, and demonstrate the structure, form, and operations of the stock market, as it relates to financial & retirement planning and investing.
  • Demonstrate the differences between the major types of equity stocks.
  • To explain, illustrate, and demonstrate the 3 types of investment income received from investing in the stock market (interest, dividends, capital gains).
  • Allow the participants/clients to determine by completing a questionnaire, where they fit in on the ‘risk’ level (low, medium, high), and how the respective risk level affects their earning investment opportunities.

The objectives of Lesson 2 are to:

  • Explain, illustrate and demonstrate the concept of mutual funds as an investment devices
  • To understand the structure, form, and workings of mutual funds, and especially how they differ from segregated funds sold by insurance companies
  • To explain and demonstrate the various types of mutual fund administration fees (e.g. open-end funds, closed-end funds, and Management Fees {MER}), in order for the participants/clients to prudently select mutual fund companies that offer the lowest administrative costs

The objectives of Lesson 3 are to:

  • Explain inflation and demonstrate how it can affect investment
  • Describe the investment risk that changing interest rates can create.
  • To demonstrate the importance of diversifying investments
An investment plan being discussed by two people.

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