Level 1 General Insurance Licensing

Insurance Licensing Program BC, SK, MB

ILS L1 Program has everything you need in one package to successfully pass your Level 1 General Insurance Licensing exam in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Exam Program includes:

  • L1 General Insurance Licensing online course – 12 Chapters
  • L1 Textbook hardcopy – 12 Chapters
  • L1 Workbook hardcopy – over 650 quiz questions
  • L1 Workbook Answer Key
  • L1 Flashcards– over 100 exam type mobile questions
  • L1 General Insurance Licensing Practice Exam #1
  • L1 General Insurance Licensing Practice Exam #2
  • L1 General Insurance Licensing Final Exam

Access duration of 3 months – recommended study time of 80 – 120 hours

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How to use your ILS Level 1 General Insurance Licensing Exam Preparation Program

The foundation of  your ILS L1 Program is the online video course, hardcopy textbook, and workbook, each organized into easy to manage chapters. Utilizing all three learning elements enables you to listen to the content as it is narrated in the video course, follow along in your textbook, and enforce your knowledge retention by answering questions on key concepts in your workbook.  With the ILS L1 Program all forms and coverages are current, key concepts are expressed using real life scenarios and examples, end of chapter quizzes can be taken as many times as you wish, and the workbook has over 650 exam type true or false questions along with answer keys.


ILS L1 General Insurance Licensing Exam Format:

Online exam

Time allowance: 3 hours

Question format: 200 True/False questions

Passing grade: 80%

The Exam Rewrite fee is $150.00 plus tax and any proctor fees that might apply.


Chapter 1 Introduction to General Insurance: 12 Questions

Chapter 2 – Characteristics of Insurance and Other Contracts: 25 Questions

Chapter 3 – Key Insurance Terms and Concepts: 14 Questions

Chapter 4 – Other Insurance Terms: 6 Questions

Chapter 5 – The Business of General Insurance: 8 Questions

Chapter 6 – Introduction to Liability Insurance: 20 Questions

Chapter 7 – Introduction to Automobile Insurance: 28 Questions

Chapter 8 – Introduction to Homeowners Insurance: 21 Questions

Chapter 9 – Introduction to Commercial Insurance: 19 Questions

Chapter 10 – Introduction to Travel Medical Insurance: 5 Questions

Chapter 11 – Government Regulations of Insurance Companies and Brokers: 39 Questions

Chapter 12 – Industry Organizations: 3 Questions

What's included in the ILS L1 General Insurance Licensing Program

ILS courses and subscriptions are sold on an individual user basis and sharing of subscriptions for access to course materials is strictly forbidden. Any sharing of ILS intellectual property with any person or entity who does not have an assigned username and password will result in termination of course access without refund or compensation.

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