Occupiers Liability An Analysis of the Legal Rights, Duties and Responsibilities

In this course, we will look at occupiers’ liability under the following topic headings, specifically:

  1. Occupiers’ Liability – The Basis for Legal Action
  2. Tort of Negligence: A Common Basis of Legal Action against Occupiers
  3. Occupiers’ Liability Acts
    • The Rationale
    • Definitions
    • Higher Standard of Duty of Care Owed to Children
    • Factors used by the Court in Determining Liability of Occupiers
    • Suggested Risk Management Techniques
  4. Slip and Fall Claims
    • Was There an Unusual Danger?
    • Ought the Defendant to Have Known of the Danger?
    • Was Reasonable Care Taken by the Occupier?
    • Did the Invitee Use Reasonable Care?
  5. Host Liquor Liability
    • The Basis of Most Alcohol-Related Suits
    • The Expansion of Alcohol-Related Liability
    • Risk Management for Alcohol-Related Liabilities
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