Overcoming Objections to Price

This course is intended to help recognize objections and learn how to handle them in a manner that leads to the successful completion of the sale. One very important aspect about objections is that they are not personal. The customer is objecting to something about the product that is being sold; they are not objecting to the person doing the selling. While many people think of objections as obstacles to the sale, they are really opportunities, specifically:

  • Opportunities to learn about the things that are bothering the customer.
  • Opportunities to find out what the customer really thinks.
  • Opportunities to find out what the real problem is.

Objections can come up at any time in the sales process. Objections are really a sign that the customer has some interest, but they do not yet see the value of your product or service to them. This is particularly true of any objection to price.

A woman is confused between yes and no.

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