Pet Insurance – Insurance for Man’s Best Friends

People love their pets. Each year, we spend a lot of time and energy on our furry friends. We also spend a lot of money. Between pet food, toys, cat litter, vet bills, etc., the costs add up quickly. But when our dog or our cat falls ill or is injured in an accident, many of us don’t have the money needed to deal with the situation.

However, the increasing availability of pet insurance in Canada is helping pet owners deal with these incurred costs.

In this course, we will look pet insurance under the following topic headings, specifically:

  • About Pet Insurance
    • The history of pet insurance
    • The importance of pets
    • Why get pet insurance?
  • The Product
    • Standard coverages and exclusions
    • How to make a claim
    • Real life examples
Two dogs and two cats are sitting together.

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