RIBO Ethics CE Courses

Ethics and the Insurance Professional Part 1 = 2 RIBO Ethics CE

Ethics and the Insurance Professional Part 2 = 2 RIBO Ethics CE

Ethics and the Insurance Professional Part 3 = 2 RIBO Ethics CE

Making the Right Ethical Decisions = 1 RIBO Ethics CE

Guidance on Fair Treatment of Customers = 1 RIBO Ethics CE

Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices Rule = 1 RIBO Ethics CE

RIBO Guidance – CISRO Principles of Conduct for Insurance Intermediaries = 1 RIBO Ethics CE

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Who needs Ethics CE?

All RIBO Licensees

An update to the 2019 RIBO continuing education program includes a new Ethics category. All individual RIBO licensees, including Principal Brokers, Deputy Principal Brokers and Supervising Brokers must complete 1 hour of approved RIBO Ethics CE by September 30, 2020.

Learn more about the updated RIBO Continuing Education Requirements.

What’s in the courses?

In these courses, you will look at the following topics as they relate to Ethics and the Insurance Professional, specifically:

  • Defining Ethics
  • Establishing Ethical Standards – Sources of Influence
  • Basic Ethical Values and What They Really Mean
  • The Insurance Broker’s Dilemma
  • What a Formal Ethics Program Will Do For Your Brokerage

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